Celeb Pics Of Bikini Bodies That Will Secure Your Insecurities.

11 Celeb Pics Of Bikini Bodies That Will Secure Your Insecurities.

You see all these celebrities on the front covers of popular magazines looking absolutely perfect which for your subconscious mind brings up insecurities and anxieties about your own body. Here we have 20 pictures of real celebrity bodies that should make you feel so much better than yourself.

We are not promoting hate or trying to fat shame or say they are fat celebrities in bikinis, We are just showing you reality and that no one really is perfect as photoshopped celebrities.

Celeb Pics Of Bikini Bodies That Will Secure Your Insecurities.

The problem with this article is that you might be reading this with your negative mindset on thinking this is about body shaming celebrities but your wrong. There’s a lot of content out their that does that already.

You see a lot of perfect 10 figures in magazines, the internet etc of beautiful movie stars, sportswomen, musicians, models etc that have no faults in them whatsoever (thanks to photoshop)

But in reality, nobody is perfect in real life and this is what you should focus on not the photoshopped ones.

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All these featured celebrities are different in ethnicities, shapes, ages, and sizes but are all in common as these are celebrities’ bikini bodies without photoshop. At the end of the day, these are real people who have bodies just like you. You should feel better about yourself when you realize they are not perfect 10 bodies but that has not stopped them from becoming very successful in their own craft.

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It would be so good if all of us ladies stopped focusing negative thoughts on ourselves like we do because of photoshop. In fact, we should be positive about ourselves and start being positive for our extra belly pooch, our stretch marks, our wrinkles, our spots, our moles, our cellulite, our big curves, our tallness, our slimness, just like the celebrities featured we do not have a realistic bikini body.

The Lady Gaga

lady gaga size 10 celebrities in bikinis

Believe it or not, the global superstar Lady Gaga struggled with bulimia & anorexia in her younger years and still has anxiety about it today. the media have slammed her by calling her fat, chubby, and a meatball but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming one of the worlds leading best-selling artists. You should be inspired by this photo as we can see that she has no perfect body yet she seems very happy with herself even though she might not be perfect after all.

This picture is Lady Gaga at the beach in Hamptons wear she was wearing a nice black 2 piece bikini on a sunny sunday afternoon.

Beautiful Scarlett Johansson

real Scarlett Johansson beach bikini body

The all inspiring Scarlett Johansson is one of the hottest leading ladies in Hollywood. She has starred in a lot of films including the massive marvel film “The Avengers” as Black Widow. You would have seen her looking stunning in adverts for perfumes.

But guess what? Even the almighty beautiful actress has cellulite and we have or will get it as cellulite does not care who you really are, it can come to us if we are tall, short, fat, or thin. There is no escape unless you photoshop it off. But you should not be embarrassed or have anxiety over it as we all get it.

As you can tell from the picture, she could not give 2 monkeys what the media thinks and instead does not run away or hide her body but flaunts it and that what makes her great. She is a very beautiful, happy go lucky, healthy women and she will continue her success with or without cellulite.

Reese Witherspoon (no a knife)

“No, with a Knife”, as the old joke goes, Reese Witherspoon who has starred in some of Hollywood’s blockbusters is not short of confidence even having children. She might look a little like overweight celebrities in bikinis but that does not stop her from looking sexy or has it stopped her from achieving success. She has even started her own production company with just females working there.

She has quoted that “she really loves her figure even after having kids, it made her more of a woman and thinks girls and ladies should not worry about your figures and realize you are just perfect as you are”.

You go girl!

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys fat celebs in bikinis, who cares she looks great

Alicia Keys burst onto the music scene with such hits as Fallin’, and New York looks tremendous and happy in this photo, yes she might have a bit of timber on her but that doesn’t stop her. In fact, she’s one of these ladies that hardly wear makeup and wants to be totally natural. She feels like she wants to inspire every woman on the planet to realize that “you and we ladies are amazing and no matter if you tall, small big or skinny, we are all beautiful”. Defo empowerment to us ladies.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz bad bikini body, if you think so, we don't! Love her

Once was one of the sexiest women alive, Penelope Cruz, not only a very talented woman but a very sexy one too and we think she has not lost it whatsoever. This picture of celebrities, real bodies, and even its not perfect really inspires us women to think, ‘if she can look good in that so can I’. she has quoted in life, ‘If you appreciate what you have and not what you don’t have, your be very rich’

This lady is not afraid of anything and especially aging as the picture shows. She is not going to slow down for a long long time and we say, keep going, Penelope.

Tara Reid

All American Tera Reid, best known for teenage comedy films like American Pie and national lampoon’s van wilder does not give monkeys in what the media think about her “apparent” unflattering celebrity bikini photos that they took.

She feels very comfortable in what she wears at the beach and tells us, ladies, not to care about what people think! You gotta live your own lives and be proud of yourself and your body. As you can tell from the picture on the right, she really does not care and we don’t blame her.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose has now become a celebrity from social media and the internet, before that all she was, was the partner of one Kanye West. She always was destined to be famous as she was modeling and being an actress long before she met Kanye.

She flaunts the beach with style even though she doesn’t have a perfect body but this is a celebrities’ real bodies and she does not care what people think she should wear. She’s not worried about a few extra pounds, she is a very determined lady and we wish her the best of luck.

Kelly Brook

worst celebrity beach bodies kelly brook

Is this the worst celebrity beach bodies? We say not at all! Kelly Brook is an English actress and model, she even starred in b movies like Piranha 3D. She is totally proud of her figure even with more pounds around her curves. She claims that everyone is totally different in their bodies and should embrace it without worrying. She might not be that total supermodel on the catwalk but that does not mean she’s not hot. She’s hot as hell and loves to be comfortable with it. So embrace your own body and don’t care what others think.

LeAnn Rimes

Leanne Rimes is an actress, songwriter, and American singer, she rose to superstardom just at the tender age of 13 with her song Blue and become a very young start. Her songs and album became no 1 in the top American country chart. In this picture, just to show that she does not care if the media think she has the worst bikini bodies or that they think she suffers from anorexia. She just loves having fun and you can tell she just loves life on the beach so you should too.

Alanis Morissette

bad photos of celebrities at the beach

Is this the case of bad photos of celebrities at the beach with Alanis Morissette? We don’t think so as Alanis is a real woman that’s not afraid to show us or the media. She embraces her body and should be praised for it, most of the media thinks she looks rough but we don’t, She looks at peace with herself and does not care. You carry on Alanis, your such a role model to all of us that suffer from anxieties and worries.


Kesha proves that celebrities’ bodies without photoshop do not mean they look awful. the singer always looks stunning in her videos and even while she is frocking down on the beach with a black 2 piece set we still think she looks great and no worried to flaunt her few extra pounds. She might be young but this is real life and that means you can look good down on the beach too.

We hope you realize now that the real world is not photoshop and everyone of us do not have a perfect body and that’s what this 11 Celeb Pics Of Bikini Bodies That Will Secure Your Insecurities. article is all about. Stay truth to yourself and enjoy your body.

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