About Us

Welcome to about us page, I am a single woman that loves the beach and especially the fashion that goes with it.

I started this site as a blog and people kept asking me, whats your favorite bikini, bathing suit etc

and eventually, it turned into an affiliate shop. Where I only put the best content on here for you.

I love To help people and yes I get paid for it as I do make a small commission in helping people, especially women.

I love writing about the beach and the ocean and fashion. So I help You to Get what you want and We are all happy.

Book Mark this site, as more swimwear brands keep asking me to put their stuff on here. But I only put the very best on here so Not everything qualifies. I Up Date the blog every few weeks with new tips and tricks.

We All Win 😉

If you want to know an answer to anything swimwear related, ask me on the contact page! I’ll do my best to help you.