beachsissi reviews

Beachsissi Reviews

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BeachSissi Q & A

Before I get on with my personal review off the company, I will do a lot of questions and answers as I see people asking the same questions all the time so I might as well answer them for you.

How to contact beachsissi?

You can simply go over to there contact page here and chat live and direct or you can email them here [email protected]

Are cupshe and beachsissi the same?

No, Totally different companies. Read our Cupshe review here

Is beachsissi reliable?

Yes but slow. Read review down below

Is beachsissi a Chinese company?

With the prices you pay, yes they are!

Is beachsissi legit website?

Yes, they are true, I do know that when they first started, they weren’t very good and got a bit off a bad name but they surely have learnt their lesson. Or have they?

Is beachsissi a reputable company?

Yes, and No, Some people love them and some people hate them due to their late delivery.

Has Beachsissi had complaints?

Yes, they have had many complaints, mainly due to late delivery. You can see their complaints on this link over at Trustpilot >

Beachsissi size chart.

beachsissi size guide
Before you order always check your country and measure up properly on the day you order. Measure the bust, the underbust the hip and waist.

Is Beachsissi a Scam Site

The simple answer is no, they’re NOT a scam site, their not the best as you will read in my review below but the answer is no. However, there are people or small business that rip every business off and especially in major online sites like Amazon, eBay etc

so if you do order from them make sure you go the official site here >

beachsissi shipping guide
Beachsissi shipping guide, just add a few more days just to make sure 😉

Beachsissi Coupon Codes, Discounts Codes, Promo codes, sale

Beachsissi Returns Policy

If you want to return an item to them make sure, it is in 100% condition as you had sent you with all the tags and things still in place, including the plastic bag. See more of their returns policy here > Beachsissi Returns Policy.

My BeachSissi Reviews

Now to the saucy part, My review of this swimwear company. After finding a few products I liked on their site. I ordered them in my size and then waited for the delivery.

The delivery in the states says 6-8 days on their website.

6th day comes, nothing, 7th day come, nothing, 8th day comes nothing again. 9th day come nothin, I checked on the website and made sure I did order and I did and it was sent out.

10th day and nothing, 11th day and nothing, so by now I was starting to panic and again I had to check on their website for my own sanity

12th Day – Woohoooooooo Finally my order arrived.

I guess as the swimwear is so cheap, You pay for crap delivery. But it did put a little sour taste in my mouth.

Now In my order, they do package it with I believe too much plastic in which I dislike as we are supposed to be getting rid of plastics but I have not through them away, I have used them in my bathroom for showering products. (reuse don’t throw)

My 2 sets are ordered, including postage was around $60

Stringy Selvedge High Waist Ruched Bikini Set
Flower Print High Waist Flouncing Bikini Set

As you girls might have already guessed, I do love high waisted suits so I ordered these 2 sets. Before I did the order I did measure upright with the help of my partner. However, even though they felt good wearing. I just felt they were a little lose around me.

The quality was ok and I know I will feel confident when I hit the beach this summer. I have put both the sets through the washing and the colors do fade a bit. I know you’re not supposed to do that but I just wanted to see if the colors would fade.

Did I Like them? Yes, I did, Their good and there do the job off making me feel good and looking confident. But Just felt they were a little loose around the back of my bum.

Beachsissi Reviews Positives

  • Cheap and cheerful
  • Cute unique designs that I personally have not found anywhere else.
  • Easy to navigate website to ordering
  • A good fit (not the best but a good fit)
  • If your looking for very cheap swimwear then shop with them.

Beachsissi Reviews Negatives

  • Delivery is slow if you are going to order make sure you order well in advance of a holiday or when you want them.
  • Not the best quality or feel I personally think
  • Colors Do fade after a while
  • The fit felt a bit lose on my body
  • Too much plastic in their delivery packages. Cut it down beachsissi
  • If you are looking for a quality look elsewhere, Read Our Review or Jolyn Swimwear Review

Would I shop at beachsissi again, Mmmmm The honest answer is when they get FASTER in delivery and returning questions then the answer is yes. They have some good swimwear designs but until then, I’ll wait a while until they do.

At this moment in time for cheap good quality swimwear, I personally prefer Cupshe swimwear. Read our Cupshe reviews here

Have you bought off them? We would love to know! Positive or negatives, feel free to comment below. If you had a great experience or bad experience we would like to know your story.

A different pair of eyes – beachsissi Reviews.

Some videos of beachsissi Tryon fro youtube to get a better feeling of their products.

This first one is from the youtube channel – Angel Gower

The Second video if from the youtube channel Hang With Bre

Both of the Tryon videos show you the ok quality of the swimwear company products, they do look good on both of these girls.

Official Site:-

You should by now have all the answers you want and hope you have got what you come here for in our beachsissi reviews. The Bathing Suits Team.

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13 thoughts on “Beachsissi Reviews”

  1. Avatar

    The biggest issue with this company is that it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to return items for a full refund. The website states you can return unworn items within a brief time period. The customer service reps will try to negotiate with you to try to get you to keep what you have and not give you all your money back. When you insist on a full refund and ship items back to China, the Chinese customs office will not release the items, so the merchandise is now gone, the huge return shipping costs have been incurred, and no refund is given.

    1. Avatar

      Really sorry that you had big problems with this company and Chinese customs. We like to hear negative feedback as well as positive feedback. Keep pestering them for your money back if not keep coming here and I might be able to help. Regards the bathing suits team.

      1. Avatar

        Beachsissi is a shell company in California. The suits ship from California, but the company is actually located in China. I received an email from them that stated that fact. I bought a suit for $35.99 plus $6.00 shipping. Sizing was not even close. I asked how to return it. Email directed me to “not return to California address on return label” and instead it needed to be sent back to China. I did ~ at a cost of $27.75 for international postage. Then I received an email that acknowledged that it was received and they refunded me $2.00. I filed a complaint with the FTC with the intention to have this shell business shut down because it functions as a scam. The product is unacceptable and the return process is made impossible. Don’t be me ~ be smarter than me. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

        1. Avatar

          Thank you for your honest feedback and although we disagree with beachsissi being a scam, We do know that people who are dissatisfied with their order and they seem to have got their money back. You must be just one of those unlucky ones. All business’s do screw up and not just beachsissi.

          Thank you for your story, hope that helps the other readers too

    2. Avatar
      Susan Balcer Whaley

      I have been trying for weeks to get information on returning items that do not fit. They want to offer me a $24 return but the suits costs $170 so this makes no sense. None of the suits fit me although I ordered the right size per their size chart. That is a lot of money for nothing. I will gladly return the items for a full refund but they have not been at all helpful!

  2. Avatar

    I absolutely love my Tankini I ordered from Beachsissi. However, I ordered it on June 5th and did not receive it until July 1st. I read that it would take 10-15 business days to ship. I didn’t get any tracking information until June 28th so I was a little frustrated about that. All in all I’m pretty satisfied except for how long it took.

    1. Avatar

      Well, Glad, you got it in the end and We are all sure that the virus that has affected us all is still responsible for the late delivery. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. Avatar

    Don’t buy from this website unless you don’t mind getting the bathing suits for the following summer. I ordered 3 bathing suits and after not receiving them for 2 weeks I emailed the company. Did get a fast reply, they told me they shipped that day. After another 2-3 weeks went buy I emailed them again, same response. They told me they shipped that day. Over a month later I still don’t have them. Waste of money and my time.

    1. Avatar

      Hi tiffany, Very sorry to hear about your bad experience. Glad you have said your piece of mind. It does help other readers. We never had a problem with beachsissi but sure someones got to one day. It might be just because of the coronavirus that does hold things up. Let us know if you don’t get them and we can probably help you. Regards the Bathing Suit Teams.

  4. Avatar

    I ordered 3 items, all of which didn’t fit right. I have asked for a credit and they are trying to negotiate with me. Offering 3 items at half price or 1 at full price, I have no faith that I would want any other items. Neither option gets me close to the total that the refund should be. Totally dissatisfied with customer service since they are not offering the return/refund that their policy states. Still trying but who knows. I would not buy from them in the future if this is the service/run around they provide

    1. Avatar

      Thank you Cathy for your feedback. We have never had problems with them but we know a few people who have. Can you keep trying for us and if you are unsuccessful please contact us with your order number, name and delivery address and we maybe can help you.

  5. Avatar

    I have the exact same problem except they won’t refund me any of the $188 I spent and I returned them all back in July (it’s now September). Mind you I placed my order May 8th it just took 2 months to get my entire order to me (which was a whole other complaint). I have sent over 30 emails to their customer service and NOONE will help me. I’m so frustrated and I only want them to do the right thing and refund me what is owed.

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