Best Top Brands Swimsuits 2018

The Best Top Brands Swimsuits 2018

Best top brands swimsuits 2017 – Swimwear and Bathing Suits have gone for another change in fashion. Once upon a time their was just little bikinis with nothing left to the imagination or just a few one-piece costume that covered basically everything. But being 2018 and more time for people to visit the beach and soak up the sun rays, being fashionable on the beach is getting very hot and getting a very big business.

We now have all sorts of swimwear from tankinis, micro bikinis, slingshots, one piece, sporty swimsuits and a lot more color and push-ups than you can throw money at. It also covers from young to old with all different body types, so make sure you check out these Best Top Brands Swimsuits 2018.

So here is our list for the upcoming and best brands 2018.

Iyasson swimwear

Best Top Brands Swimsuits 2018

Why Do We Love – Iyasson swimming range?

These 2 designers and Owners of this fantastic range are in Real life very best friends. They have a really creative mind for beachwear and they really do have an eye for design. For Love and Lemons have developed a style that is really recognized on the beachfront as they push the boundaries every year upon us. Most of the colors are the Lush lemon and the bikinis will dazzle all onlookers.

Official Website. Iyasson Swimwear

Floralkini swimwear


Why do we love Floralkini swimwear?

Floralkini is a unique Cabana Chic Swimwear brand which specializes in female swimsuits and bathing suits. Floralkini unique swim offers to offer comfort and style and when you’re  at the beach and want to make heads turn. The wear is very supportive and always they do have a flattering cut for each of their unique designs. As the owners say “We encourage women to feel beautiful and confident in each Floralkini garment” – We sure do and we know you will do to.

Official Site Floralkini

Beach Candy Swimwear

beach candy swimwear

Why do we love Beach Candy swimwear?

When you have a swimwear line that is owned and worn by a girl that actually loves with the passion being on the beach. You have Blonde Bombshell – Nicole Henry. The style she does has a real delicate feel and then everybody knows that you will look fantastic wearing one of her designs. Beach Candy swimwear really dedicate themselves for you to look your best on the beach. Voted up on Best Top Brands Swimsuits 2018

Official Site BeachCandy


Bikini’N’Waves swimwear

bikini'n'waves swimwear

Why Do we Love Bikini’N’Waves swimwear?

These up and coming are loved by the modern women who are very trendy and are not to shy. The women that love to experiment and feels comfortable in doing so.  Its what makes Bikini’N’Waves special, not to be the same and lead, for example, they are so good for mixing and matching their unique style of swimwear that you defo know that you are the only one on the beach with it on.

Official Site Bikini’N’Waves

Lolliswim Swimwear

Lolliswim Swimwear

Why We love Lolliswim Swimwear?

Lolli Swimwear are really dedicated to looking cute and flirty at the same time, They are unique in their own way as some of the swimwear are bright in color and details like the wearer will feel like a little sugar coated tease. They have things from sprinkled cupcakes to an amazing sweet cheeky bow bottom that will really light up the beach of cuteness.

Beach Bunny Swimwear

Beach Bunny Swimwear

Why We Love Beach Bunny Swimwear?

Why the hell not? is really the question as Beach bunny Swimwear are designed for the wearer to be a beach bunny that has a lot of sex appeal and you will not stop people looking at you. Be the Beach Bunny at the beach. 🙂 The designs really do flaunt your body and fit really well, be glamorous be a Beach Bunny Babe. Best Top Brands Swimsuits 2018

Frankie’s Bikinis

Frankie's Bikinis

Why Do We Love Frankie’s Bikinis?

Frankies Bikinis fashion are really inspired from Malibu and are known for their unique details, Dream like fabric designs and very very cheeky bottoms. They bathing swimsuits do look good on most women especially the lucky ladies that do have a very nice cheeky bottom.  The fit and wears of the designs can be a little tight but We are sure that is pleasing to the eye.

Minimale Animale swimwear

Minimale Animale swimwear

Why Do We Love Minimale Animale swimwear?

MINIMALE ANIMALE creates very sexy swimwear that actually has been in top magazines like Sports Illustrated, Foam, Esquire and many others.  They really design for head turning outfits that fit really well to most body types. They have a unique style for the confident wearer that are not afraid to flaunt it on the beach. if you’re after something sexy and want to turn up the heat (even on a hot day) then their collection is the one for you.

vitamin a swimwear

vitamin a swimwear

Why Do We love vitamin a swimwear?

Vitamin A Swim is a big seller to big-name superstars, people like Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson,  Rihanna, and Gwyneth Paltrow (and so many more) have got vitamin a swimwear in their personal collection. The seams are flat, the quality is top notch and the fit makes you slimmer, curvier with Bust boasting perfection.  They are also known as the Little Black Bikini as their designs are inspired by the sun-kissed California, also noteworthy is the fact they are very environmentally as they recycle nylon fiber to preserve resources. So top marks for them :).



Seafolly Swimwear


Why Do We love Seafolly Swimwear?

Seafolly  have been in the industry since 1975 so they do have maximum experience and leadership in the swimsuits market. They probably are the most recognized brand in the world and we do really like the designs and style of their swimsuits. Their designs are fun fashionable and sexy that it makes a bold statement while incorporating textures and colors injected into their swimwear range. One of the better Best Top Brands Swimsuits 2017

lspace swimwear

lspace swimwear

Why Do We Love lspace swimwear?

Lspace swimwear are another great line that are inspired by the sun-kissed California Lifestyle, Their designs focus skin baring natural beauty that have a great balance of cute and sexy. There brand really makes waves for on or off the beach and you will look good in both. The wear is great and styles are fantastic and thats why we love Lspace swimwear.

Mikoh SwimWear

Mikoh SwimWear

Why Do We Love Mikoh SwimWear?

Mikoh are a brand that’s been developed by 2 sisters that grew up on the beaches of California, these 2 sisters also grew up with designers, surfers and lovers of the beach and sea and that shows in their collection. The Mikoh brands style is designed for the confident modern women that has Beauty and Strength incorporated in the swimwear range. We really do love Mikoh collection.


So here we have it, Its our List of  Our Best Best Top Brands Swimsuits 2017 and probably the best Brands that will Continue to Grow for the next Generation of great fashion on the Beach.

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