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official Site is renowned for its excellence in all kinds of bathing suits and of course bikinis. In this review, I will/Have tried on their stuff and give you all the answers you need from the American company

With Summer not too far off, I have tried and tested

The Retailer

The site does not make swimsuits as a brand, they might make a tiny few but mostly they are are a retailer of the biggest brands out there.

The brands are from likes off Jade Swim, Peony Swim, Beach Bunny, Heidi Klein, Vitamin A, Frankies Bikinis and so so many of the top Designers. (You can see all Their Top Brands On This Measurement Guide Measure Yourself Correctly Measure Yourself Correctly

Because of wants to get it right the first time and every time, they do not want YOU to get the wrong size for 2 reasons. 1 Mainly for you to order the right measurements and 2 because they do not want you to send it back.

Which is really a bit of common sense for both parties. So if you are going to order of then make sure You Measure RIGHTLY up just before you order. Body Shapes

One of the great things about this shop is that they do cater for all body shapes and not just stick insects.

So no matter what your bikini dot com body type is, they have it fully covered.

What I ordered and Tried

The 2 items I have ordered and have got from (Please note, the pics are not me) are both hour-glass body shape. They were both on sale and at the time of publishing, they still are.

The first set I got was this Jade Strapless bandeau bikini top that’s in a deep purple and also got the bottoms too. They both cost $75
The 2nd set I got was the Verdelimon
MALIBU FRONT TIE BANDEAU BIKINI com top with the High waisted bottoms. Both cost around $87 each.

Due to me having a few stretch marks (and my insecurities) I did choose having high waisted bottoms for both sets. I am very very pleased with the way they felt on me giving me a lot of confidence for when I do hit the beach.

I will update this with a few pics when I do as I don’t feel comfortable having the pics just in my home.

I made sure I measured up right before I ordered them and it took just under a week to be delivered. In fact, 4 days which I was fine with.

Both the sets fitted me almost perfectly but just a little tight on the bottoms, maybe I just need to wear them more as it was my first try.

apart from that Both the sets felt good to wear and my partner said that I look stunning (he would). Both the bikini com top felt nice around my bust and I felt very secure that they covered up my breasts even when I try jumping up and down just to see the support.

Overall with the money I spent, I was very very pleased and so I should be. I feel both of the sets will look still new in 5 years from now as long as I don’t grow or shrink! (could be hard lol)

Sometimes Quality over Quantity.

Just A few questions We Have Been Asked about

Is Bikini Dot Com a Scam Site?

For a lot of years, they have been trading the definite answer is No. Their not a scam site what so ever. But you might get scammed for false advertisers on the likes of Amazon and eBay etc. if your going to buy, go to the real site here:- Official Site

Who Are The Ambassadors?

There are so many Ambassadors to mention, If your really interested, check out the Bikini dot com Ambassadors page here

What’s Their Address? And contact?

3960 Howard Hughes Parkway, 9th Floor,

Las Vegas, NV, 89169, United States

Contact Email is coupon code, discount code, coupons…

if you looking for these then you are looking in the wrong place, I scoured the internet for these with no luck whatsoever. I do believe they do have the odd occasional ones. If you find one please please comment with the link below for the next time I order. 🙂

The Reviews POSITIVES:-

  • Outstanding Brands From Across The World
  • Updated Regularly With New Sets
  • Almost Perfect fit, Measure Up properly and you will have no complaints
  • Designs For Men As Well (see the men’s collection here)
  • Even Have great sets for the Bigger Busts girls D+
  • Worldwide Delivery
  • Lots of high-Quality Related Products
  • Great Selection For Kids Too (see the kids collection here)
  • Caters for all body shapes
  • You Can Buy just the bikini Bottoms Or The Tops, Mix and match Your own Style
  • Fast Delivery (depending On Where You Live)

The Reviews NEGATIVES:-

  • Can Be Pricey For Just One Set
  • Free Shiping Over $75 Only So you are Going To Have To Spend
  • Delivery Can take 2 weeks depending where you are in the world
  • Annoying website popup Pitch every 5 minutes that someone somewhere as bought this or that
  • Apparently, Returns can take a while to process (which company doesn’t)
  • The website can be a pain to navigate on a desktop.
  • Need to Measure Your body Perfectly Right otherwise your be disappointed The sets won’t fit properly.

Overall Of the Review

For an average girl like me, that’s on an average income, I ordered 2 bikini sets and they come within 4 days and trying them on was a pleasure, they both fit perfect for me and the quality is exceptional.

However, even though I was very extremely pleased with my bikini sets.

I would recommend shopping at if you are looking for sets that you will use for a long time (if your body doesn’t change). Or if you can easily afford too or you are looking for that amazing quality. Or you’re looking to look super hot on the beach.

If you are looking for cheap quality bikinis and bathing suits, I do not recommend whatsoever, You should check out the shop at Cupshe or read our Cupshe Review.

Extra – wanderlust box Review

This is a new thing to me being subscribed to a subscription box of goodies every few months. The wanderlust box is fantastic yet Unuseful. If you love treating yourself to great gifts and surprises

The wanderlust box is just for you! but for me, I personally think its not for me. All the surprise items in the boxes I received are brilliant and great but I just think it is just a waste of money as You have items around your house that you probably will never use again.

The items can arrange from anything, from energy drinks, scarfs, cosmetics to green curry kits. For $89, you receive about $250 worth of items.

All the items you do receive are of high-quality but if you have money to spend go for it. I personally love them, but I do think it is just a way of getting rid of the End Of Line stuff.

Wanderlust box Review Positives

  • Great Items
  • $89 for around $250 Worth Of Products
  • Quality Without a doubt
  • If you love surprises and pampering yourself
  • Packaged well
  • Tasty Food
  • Good Energy Drinks with not too much sugar
  • At least 4 Boxes A Year

Wanderlust box Review Negatives

  • Don’t know what you getting
  • Think The products Are End Of The Line Stuff
  • Stuff you Don’t Really Need, Just want
  • You will get addictive
  • Personally Think It is a waste of money, not just these but any subscriptions boxes.

So If you love to get surprises and can afford to subscribe to the Wanderlust Box then, by all means, Join Here > WanderLust Box Subscription

But for me, I’m going to say no with regrets 🙂

Another Eyers Review Of The Wunderlist box By Rebecca Reviews

Hope you got all the information that you need in our reviews.

Regards The bathing Suits Team.

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