Bikini Wax Tips For First Timers

Bikini Wax Tips For First Timers!

Bikini wax tips, especially for First-Timers Or Beginners.

Before we get into things let’s not beat around the bush (Pun Intended ;)) The first time you go for a bikini wax can be a very horrible experience and will make you never want to go again.

To have natural hairs around your pubic region (that are there for protection against infections – if you didn’t know why they were there in the first place) being ripped off can be very painful if you are not going to be prepared for it.

Being prepared for the bikini wax will make the experience very minimal in pain and more comfortable while having it performed.

We do know that having a bikini wax done is one of the best stresses to not worry about when you having fun on the beach and it is definitely one less thing to worry about, Not worrying about showing unwanted hair while you’re wearing your tight bikiniĀ is a big plus.

We have gathered all the best research and data and performed these tips to our selves and believe me, they do work. So again let’s not beat around the bush (sorry lol.) and let us get on with Bikini Wax Tips.

Bikini Wax Tips 1.

Before considering going to have it done, You need to start exfoliating every single day as doing this really cuts back on ingrowing hair and that is the most painful part of the waxing when you’re tearing off those types of hairs. So before you book your appointment make sure you have been exfoliating every day for at least two weeks.

Bikini Wax Tips 2.

Do not shave the main area before your going to have it waxed, You want at least 10mm growth down there for them to get a good grip off before waxing them off, If you are too short they might not do it as they might not get a very clean and smooth outcome, So make sure you keep your downstairs region with a bit off long before you go.

Bikini Wax Tips 3

You are going down on a plane, What’s the first thing you do? Brace yourself and it’s the same as the very first time having your bikini wax, The truth is, It is going to hurt but don’t worry it gets a lot easier after the first one! Like having the first tattoo Just gets easier.

The reason the bikini wax gets a lot easier is that the hairs are like roots and really stuck in place in your skin and the actual base of the hair is a lot larger than the skin, so after it has torn out, when it grows back it will be a lot smaller and very less pain. Think of it as like having 2 babies, the first ones going to be the worst.

Bikini Wax Tips 4

So you have booked your appointment and you have done all the preparations and got into the mindset that you’re going to do it no matter what. So what you need to do to lower the pain threshold is to take 2 painkillers a good 40 mins before your appointment. This will definitely and does help.

You need to be relaxed as well, do not go into it very tense as this will make it hurt more, Just go in there as relaxed as you can be. The tenser you are, the more your body wants to fight it and this really does increase the pain a lot. Relax breath and just let it happen. You can do it! Most women do.

Bikini Wax Tips 5

If you really can, make the appointment early in the morning when your body is at its most relaxed as we all know how tense our bodies can become after the fight the war at work and being really stressed out. Your body after a hard day’s graft will be tighter so those little buggers of hair will be a bit harder to come out meaning a little bit more pain.

Bikini Wax Tips 6.

Make the appointment for after THAT time of the month and not a few days before as we girls know that our bodies tighten more before we have that time. So always book after. Remember It hurts so all these tips on realizing you are going to help massively.

Bikini Wax Tips 7

So you are now going for your appointment and you must feel slightly embarrassed that you are going to get completely naked for the treatment, well at least your bottom half. Do not worry at all about this cause all the professional waxers have seen all the different kinds of ladybirds that have been put on the planet. You should feel at ease as well knowing that all good professionals have underwear that is disposable if you are not too keen on your bits on show. Hope you are still breathing and relaxing, you can do it!

Bikini Wax Tips 8

Now you have had it done and you now know if you will do it again, you need to remember that waxing will and does take off your skin, Not a lot but a bit so Do not itch or scratch any of the areas. Do not put any perfume or any moisturizers on your lady region for a good twelve hours. Let it rest. If you do you might get a rash and you would not want that now, would you? Also, do not start exfoliating again for a good week. you need to let it all rest.

Bikini Wax Tips 9

So after you have done it, Well Done! It gets a lot easier from now on and less pain every time. The best thing to do is keep having it done every six to eight weeks so Do Not shave or cut your hairs, always exfoliate every day. Keep it up your going to do well. Do it for the long run not just that you are going on holiday. Don’t do it for anyone else except yourself, Be proud of your nice bikini line and take good care of yourself and your health all over.

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