what swimwear to wear in dubai

What Can us Women Wear On A Beach in Dubai?

With all the silly news about little bikinis in UAE beaches and what not to wear, we really want to tell you you the truth about what and not to wear in Dubai’s Beaches for us women.

After personally experience the beaches and realising that it’s very westernised and not all the myths and crap that you can’t show your belly or bum off? mmmm

Well as I said early its very westernized and really you can easily soak up the sun with wearing the same bathing costume you wear down at the beach in your local environment as long as you’re not exposing ANYTHING then you’re in the safe. No Nipples and No to any other region to expose. Just a nice bathing suit that you would normally wear.

But be WARNED about the majority of Asian guys that lore the beach as they really do perve on the women as these guys have nothing better to do as my experience, they are classed in Dubai as the lowest level (not mine) get arrested quite a bit just because who they are which is a shame.

So Just enjoy the beaches of Dubai in whatever you fancy 🙂





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