Can you Swim on your Period without a Pad

Can you Swim on your Period without a Pad

Can you Swim on your Period without a Pad?

This is one of the worries we women have when we are wanting to go to the beach for the day or a pool party with friends and it’s natural to worry if we can go for a swim whilst it’s that time of the month. This really should not stop us, girls, from having a great time as long as you are prepared for it.

So Can you Swim on your Period without a Pad? The answer is 100% yes. You can easily swim without wearing anything to protect you but We don’t recommend doing this in a public pool for the obvious reason is you might leave a trail behind. At the beach is a totally different story as long as it is not crystal clear waters you should be totally fine swimming without protection. Swimming is also a great exercise that will make you happier and lower those body cramps.

Tip. Make sure you leave the water slowly and look down to see if your leaking, If so go back in the water and rinse it out.

Should You Wear Protection

While we know that- Can you Swim on your Period without a Pad is possible we do really recommend you use some sort of protection especially if you are very heavy on your periods. We Don’t recommend using pads ¬†as these are designed to soak up liquid so they will soak up the water instead use either a Tampon or Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are not the most popular way of protecting yourself but they are very good at their job and collect all the blood for you without having to worry. They are totally Invisible and won’t show up in your bathing suits or bikinis. You don’t even have to worry about string as they don’t have one. Even though they take time to get used to we really recommend using one of these to help you enjoy your day.

Tampons, after inserting will expand to fit you inside and you won’t have to worry about any leakages but you might want to hide the string associated with it better.

Pads, As we stated early don’t wear a pad or panty Liners as they will expand in the water and will make your private area look like a front saggy bottom, It’s better to go in the sea without wearing anything than a pad.

No to pads

Some Extra Tips.

  • Wear a Nice Dark Bathing suit or Bikini (dark red is the best option), So if there is an accident it will hide it very well from staring eyes.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable going in the water then either Don’t or just go in past your knees deep.
  • If you do feel like you might be leaking, act completely normal as nobody will notice unless you start freaking out!
  • Stop worrying about it and have fun at the pool and beach.

Can you Swim on your Period without a Pad, simply Yes you Can but we say to use protection while you can. Any other tips you have used – comment below.

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