chicnico review

Chicnico Review

Chicnico Review

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Now before you read this review, Just let me tell you we are only reviewing the Swimwear range in our chicnico Review NOT the whole site. We are doing this as we are only interested in our audience for swimwear products.

Is Chicnico A Scam?

No, It is not a scam, It is another dropshipping website that will (or try to) deliver goods world Wide.

Is Chicnico Reliable?

This is where We are going to say negative things about Chicnico, Reliability depends on how much you are going to spend on their site. If you are going to spend lots and lots then they are Very Reliable. If your going to spend a few bucks the answer is NO. They Do not understand yet about taking care off ALL customers. Not Just the Ones That spend money on their site.

And this is the reason that they are getting a lot of NEGATIVE feedback. Unlike other Dropshipping Companies Like Iyasson or Florakini, Chicnico Needs To Up Its Game and give better customer service.

Does Chicnico Have Quality Swimwear?

No, The quality is average. While you will look good wearing one of their swimsuits, Do not expect it to last a few years. The patterns will fade and the materials will shrink. If you only want a bikini for a few months then it is fine. So you pay for what you get!

Does Chicnico Have Fast Delivery.

No is the answer to that, We know that it can take up to 4 weeks for your item to arrive.

Chicnico Review Overall

We are not highly found of Chicnico as of this time! They are a small company and will only stay small if they DO not listen to consumers. Customers are the biggest thing for any company to succeed. the swimwear range has plenty and is very affordable and they do pack some great stuff.

But we only recommend purchasing one or two things just to see if they give you good service. As an alternative, you can always check out Iyasson or Florakini for better customer care.


If you are going to Check them out, Use Chicnico Coupon Code “CHICNICO55” on the check out from their site here


And always Stay Safe at the beach 🙂

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