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Cupshe Reviews

Cupshe reviews

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Cupshe Review: You, Having a go through lots and lots of choices in Buying swimwear in the local retailer or the internet is a very daunting task. Looking at all the Pinterest posts,

I came across lots and lots of Cupshe Pictures of great-looking pictures of swimwear at affordable prices. Could this Be right or is this not really true. Well, I can say that I went into it very deeply. Very Deep. As I Do Order from them as you will see.

cupshe Reviews

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Cupshe History

So I started to look really deep into the company and realized that and I just wanted to give a little history of the company. Cupshe was founded in 2013 in California in the United States of America and their strive forward for the ladies all over the world that love the beach life.

When they started they did have lots and lots of cupshe negative reviews as they didn’t really send out orders on time and the products that customers ordered were either too big or too small.

These are normal for a beginning company and they really had to Iron out their Mistakes. Now they don’t make mistakes and are really growing in popularity for listening to you the customer.

So with the many mistakes, made in the past about sizing then we go into their sizing. Sizing is a big fact in women’s fashion. It has to fit the lady no matter what.

cupshe reviews my
Cupshe flash sale only with our cupshe reviews

Cupshe Sizing.

This is the Sizing Game for American women and ladies that I found out.


Polite Notice. In this Cupshe reviews as I found out.  the company does State That You must allow  0.4″-0.8″ with each outfit as manual measurements do take place. So make sure if you are going to order then get your measurements up to date.

Just the Swim Top Sizing Guide


























So My Cupshe Reviews 2020 And What I ordered And tried on. I will be going through the whole process of sizing (above), what I ordered and how long it took to get here and try it on, how I felt wearing it at the beach (not at home trying it on. Got to try it for real and see what reactions you get.)

Here is my first three cupshe orders that I ordered, All of them or bikinis as I love bikinis and don’t order anything else.  Click On them to check out the quality.

Classic Theme Splicing Bikini
with Classic Theme Splicing Bikini
Sea Of Me Stripe Bikini Set
with Sea Of Me Stripe Bikini Set
Green Jade Leaves Bikini Set
with Green Jade Leaves Bikini Set

CupShe Reviews Delivery Time!

This is probably one of the reasons that cupshe is cheap as chips because the time it took to get here was just under 2 weeks. I never went for the last option as I was not desperate but for me, that was ok because I like being planned.

There is a very fast option but You have to pay extra for that and if that’s for you then its okay but as I stated, The 3 bikinis came in 13 days which is not bad but not the fastest either. If you like fast delivery I would recommend paying the extra but if you’ve planned in advance like me then don’t bother.

Here’s the average delivery time for the company to you In The United States.

$3 FOR ORDERS $40 – $60
$7 FOR ORDERS $0 -$40
EXPRESS$12 – $153

Average Delivery Time For Canada

EXPRESS$0 – $13AVG 4

Average Delivery Time For Australia

EXPRESS$10 – $11AVG 4

Average Delivery Time To the United Kingdom

EXPRESS$0 – $123 – 4


Average Delivery Time For The Rest Of The World


The Cupshe Reviews:- Try On and How I felt At the Beach.

So after 13 days of waiting for my order which I was expecting, I headed down to the beach at my friend’s beach house in Florida (lucky girl) to try them on. The picture below is of me in them before I walked on the beach with them.

My cupshe try on

From Left to right.

The first one which turns out to be my favorite (left Picture) was the Cupshe Sea Of Me Stripe Bikini Set. It fitted perfectly for me on my body, the quality was good, and walking on the beach made me feel confident and sexy.

The second bikini set I tried on (Middle Pic) Was the Cupshe Classic Theme Splicing Bikini, again the quality was good, the design was good but the bottom went a bit too far into my bum which when I was walking on the beach, I got a bit paranoid with so I didn’t feel that good. Maybe it is just me but that’s how I felt and You have to feel good about what you are wearing.

The third and final bikini (far right pic) I bought was the cupshe Green Jade Leaves Bikini Set which was nice and good but it didn’t fit me as well as the other 2 sets. Again the quality was nice but I felt a bit lose wearing it and I did not really as feeling lose wearing it.


The quality is NOT the best but the overall quality and fit with these suits were surprisingly very good for the money I paid for them. (all under $75 including delivery), If your looking for real quality bathing suits then I would recommend heading over to and spending over $100 on a set. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Out of the 3 bikinis I loved 2 of them and I defo will be buying sets off cupshe again when I get bored. Question And Answers Before You Buy.

I have been asked a lot of questions about the company so Instead of you asking I will do a Q & A Below.

what is cupshe? is a Swimwear company that focuses is on style and affordable lines. They are good but not amazing and if you are looking for cheap swim costumes We do recommend them.

Is Cupshe sustainable?

The brand does use recycled materials and even reuses plastics that are woven into their products. Yes, the brand is sustainable.

Does Cupshe have full coverage bottoms?

Most of their own bathing suits have moderate to full coverage in their lines. Some are little coverage and will state so on the product page.

Is Cupshe fast fashion?

Cupshe is fast fashioned, in which they can other bikinis and bathing suits for under $25 with good quality. They do also offer hundreds of different styles and even cater to the larger lady.

Is legit or is cupshe a scam?

One of the questions we keep seeing is cupshe legit, is cupshe is a scam? Yes they are and all you have to do is look on Pinterest and you will see thousands of their lines there.

I know some women that use cupshe a lot and I know some women who won’t use them. We are all different but cupshe is very Legit and will not scam you. If you read my overall review, you will see that I got what I ordered and 2 out of 3 of them were great.

Is Cupshe good quality?

For the money you pay from cupshe, they are very good quality in their swimsuits, bikinis and bathing suits. However, these will only last a few seasons and colors do fade after a while. But for the money you pay overall, yes they are good quality.

Is Cupshe ethical?

In today’s markets, you need to be Ethical or people will not buy, and Now is very ethical. We are sure they weren’t in the early days of their brand but they definitely are now. So yes They are ethical.

Are Cupshe and Beachsissi the same?

No, they are not the same company. Cupshe has a little more brand awareness than beachsissi (see our beachsissi reviews) but they both have the same marketing module. In Fact, they are so similar that they are both very competitive in the market they are trying to win. Which will help bring the cost down and save you more money.

Is Cupshe a Chinese company?

The start of was in China, their main headquarters are still there and will be for years to come but they do also now have a factory in the United States. For Europe and the rest of the world, they will send from China but for the Americans, they will send from America.

Does Cupshe do free returns?

If you are looking to return your product for a full return or exchange then yes cupshe does do free returns. It might take a bit of time depending on where you live but the answer is yes.

Are Cupshe returns easy?

As simple as ABC! Just head over to their returns page here > Cupshe Returns, fill in, and send back and you get your refund or exchange easily.

Is Cupshe in American dollars?

Yes, you can adjust the currency to any country you live in or want to send to. You want American dollars, you got it, you want pound sterling, you got it. you get my drift. They do take monies from all over the world.

Is cupshe reliable?

Cupshe Was Not Reliable In The Early Days of Their Business But Now They Are totally Reliable and learned from their mistakes. I ordered 3 bikinis and they come in 13 days So Yes Cupshe Is Reliable.

Who is the owner of Cupshe?

We do believe the owner of this brand is Mike Zhao, Who started the company at a young age and now lives in California where most of his designs come from inspirations from the beach.

Cheerful Or Crap?

cupshesummer sale

The Cupshe Clothing Quality is good, It is not the Best what so ever but it is very good for the price you pay. If you looking for affordable bikinis with good materials they are for you.

If you want top-quality, look elsewhere”. I do think they have the best quality materials for the low-budget side of bathing suits. There are other companies like cupshe but I personally think cupshe is the best.

Where does cupshe ship from?

Cupshe ships from the united states if you are a resident but for main Europe, usually china and they usually do not charge for shipping unless you want it extremely fast.

Is Cupshe a scam?

We know Cupshe is not a scam and It is totally legit. But A Warning, Some people do Pose as brands like cupshe swimwear on Amazon and you will get crap in return. So Make Sure if Your Going To Buy From Cupshe Go To Their Official Site Here >

Is cupshe worth it?

This is a question that can only depend on what you are looking for in a bikini brand! Is cupshe worth it, yes for me and for the following:-

  • Sound Quality- Good but not amazing
  • Original Designs which you won’t find anywhere else
  • Very affordable which allows you to spend more money at the beach
  • Buy 2-4 Swimsuits Under $100, you can even buy 5
  • Sexy & Cute Bikinis that look and feel good
  • Young Ladies and Young Women.
  • If you can be patient with your delivery and plan ahead or spend an extra few bucks on fast delivery.

We Say Don’t buy From Cupshe If You are Looking for:-

  • Like Very High Quality, if you want top-quality then look elsewhere
  • Want Swimsuits to last at least 4 seasons as cupshe will stay around that.
  • Perfect Fitting, the cupshe fit isn’t perfect, it is good
  • Very Fast Delivery as cupshe can take up to 2 weeks
  • Can afford Luxury, if you got the real money to shop then check out either or for proper designer wear.
  • Want good swift aftercare, they do take a maximum of a week to get back to you
  • If you are looking for Branded Names, Only CupShe here

Check Out Our Review HERE

Conclusion Of Cupshe Brand

Hope you Got Some Great Questions out of your mind with our cupshe review when you are considering buying from Cupshe. They are a good bikini and swimwear line and will benefit all the women that can’t afford luxury Bikinis but still want to look fantastic on the beach.

They are not the best in the business for high-quality designer swimwear but it is what your really looking for that counts.

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Cupshe Coupon Code.

They Do Not Have A Cupshe CouponCode, however, Through This Link You Can Get up to 40% Off Your First Order.

Hope You Enjoyed Reading Our Cupshe reviews and got what you came for. The bathing suits team.

Have you bought any swimwear from Cupshe? What was your experience like? We would love to know. Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Hi, just wanted to say thank you for your review on cupshe, I ordered 3 sets from them and even though I can tell its not the best quality, Im very happy with them. My husband thinks their very cute on me.

    Just wanted to say thanks for your good review.

        1. Keep on trying Jerry, I know from experience they are not the best at customer service but they will eventually come back to you.

  2. Cupshe is based in China, but has a warehouse in New Jersey. Even with the warehouse in the US, it’s still a Chinese company. I own about 15 cupshe suits.. the suits are hit or miss as far as fit goes. The quality is pretty good, but I will not be buying anymore of their suits until China puts an end to eating cats and dogs. Look up “china wet market” before you make purchases of any kind from China. Sick! I don’t recommend watching the videos taken at the wet market bc these are things that you can’t unsee.

    1. Kay, You are Absolutley right about that and we all hate how the Chinese behave with the animals. I personally hate it. The China wet market is a disgrace to animals rights and should be banned.

      However this is a blog about swimsuits and not political views. You are right but this site focuses on swimsuits alone. We just review them. Good luck and glad you have a great heart.

      kind regards The Bathing Suits Team.

      1. Hi kay, totally agree. But not getting onto politics here. They’re not the only ones who torture humans or animals. (which we all bloody hate). We are just reviewing companies’ swimwear. thank you

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