Do Guys Like One Piece Swimsuits

Do Guys Like One Piece Swimsuits

Do guys like one piece swimsuits – is the question and we are going to break down the positives and negatives of one piece bathing suits.

But before we do, the real question is not Do guys like one piece swimsuits? The real question is…

“Will Guys Like Me, In A One Piece SwimSuit”

That’s the real question, should you feel confident in wearing one, Will you feel hot and sexy wearing one. Does that guy other their like me in it etc etc.

The Answer is Yes And No.

You see if you go for a boring one color, plain jane one piece then you’re going to come across as the boring girl. Which guys would like to date a Boring Girl? Only Geeks 😉

One Piece Bathing suits have been around for,  well- forever and It’s only in the last 10 years they have been redesigned around the women’s body. You have a one piece but you don’t think its sexy enough to impress the men.

Don’t get a boring bathing suit.

Do guys like one piece swimsuits – Stay Away From These.

If you want to wear a one-piece swimsuit and you want to look hot and sexy, then we really do not recommend wearing boring one color swimsuits like.


Funny Swimsuits




AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Funny one Piece bathing suits will not get the right attention of the men. Yes, they are funny and look fun but they will not make you look hot. You will also get the wrong kind of attention that you require.




do guys like one piece swimsuits







This is a Top Brand Zeraca Women’s Retro Racerback One Piece, Even though its a Brilliant made and great comfy bathing suit. You’re not going to look hot for the guys wearing one. One Color does not show off your curves as much.


another boring one piece swimsuit



Another Boring One Piece Swimsuit, I think you’re now getting the point in what We are trying to help you with. This kind of bathing suit is fine for when you’re just going to the local swimming pool. But To Attract Men, Let us do the sexy one pieces.





Styles like this are boring as hell and don’t recommend unless you’re not after male attention.

Do Guys Like One Piece Swimsuits – Feel Sexy With These.

deep v plunge neck one piece



This One might be Just one color but the deep plunge will wow men while showing off your cleavage. Men love breasts and this is a no-brainer.

Deep Plunger One Piece by Florakini

Cost $33









color one piece



COLOR – Colors & patterns really does bring out your sexy body, Getting different Vibrant mixed really shows off your curves. Men Love it.

From Floralkini

Around $28


Buy Here









Floralkini Jellyfish Print Lace-Up Side One Piece Bathing Suit



Side Showing One Piece Bathing Suits. The style and design Of this one really make the eyes enhance your body. Guys eyes will not be able to stop looking at you and you will be unique and sexy as hell wearing one of these.

From Flarlkini

Around 26.99


Buy Here






Do Guys Like One Piece Swimsuits Final Thoughts.

You want guys to like you while wearing a  one piece, So easy to look great and sexy while doing so.

So realistically Stay away from one color boring all over styles, Get one piece that will Show of your cleavage or bum, Get Vibrant colors or ones that show off the side view.

There are plenty of great choices to choose from.

Click Here to See More Styles of Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits.


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