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Disclaimer “In our Dresslily Reviews We are just focusing on their swimwear range and not anything else. These reviews on dresslily – You can buy a lot of different fashionable clothing their website and even home Improvement ideas but we just reviewing their swimwear range.”

A dresslily tryon from the youtube channel from SimplYounique.

Our DressLily.com Review

Me, Being S.J, I am a size 16 and going on to 18 and was glad to do this review as I noticed the brand DressLily are actually focused on real women and not size 0-12. They state on their website that they know the average women is between a 16-18 which actually put a smile on my face for once. (Best Bathing Suit For My Body Type)

So starting with the website, there seem to be quite a few promotions that could put a lady off from ordering, a bit overwhelming but that’s my personal opinion.

As I am going on to a size 18, The first thing I did put into my shopping cart was the Plus Size Halter Cherry Boyshort Vintage Bathing Suit.

I defo ordered this one first due to my size as dark colors will hide all the loose bits mostly. Size 18

The 2nd suit I ordered was this Shell Starfish Print Padded Wrap Bikini Set

I only ordered these two items just to see the feel and quality of them and also if they fitted me as well. The first thing I will say is my packages come with 10 days off ordering and I was fine with that as it states on their web site 7-14 days.

My DressLily Swimsuit Try-On

So the first one I ordered was the Plus Size Halter Cherry Boyshort Vintage Bathing Suit and the try on looked like this (god I hate pictures of myself lol)

not too tight!

I do have big boobs but this hides them as well as my puppy fat. Even though you can tell the cherries looks like they were drawn on by kids, I really felt very comfortable with this vintage costume and my personal opinion is that it was true to size.

I do really like this set and will defo wear it alot more!

reviews on dresslily
Yes, I am holding my stomach in! 🙂

This 2nd set – The Shell Starfish Print Padded Wrap Bikini Set to me looked and felt brilliant. Even though I am holding my stomach in a bit. I felt great! The design of the swimsuit is very good and unique. I had to make a little adjustment on my top as I do feel their just a cm or 2 too big.

A negative was the bottoms felt a little bit itchy and had to scratch when nobody was looking (I hope). So saying that I know the true quality was not there in the swimsuits but hey ho. But Not too bad for a $20 swimsuit.

I will be wearing this again defo!

Please also note, I have not worn this out on the beach yet and not swum in them so I dont know what they will be like in the water. But from my experience, they should be fine.

DressLily.com Question and Answers.

So a lot of questions before you order and we have done our best research to get all the answers you need. So here goes.

Are dresslily and Zulily the same company?

Even though they might have the same marketing methods, I really don’t think they are the same company. Actually they probably are in competition with each other in this market. As in the research I have done seems that the answer is No. 99% sure their not the same company.

Are dresslily swimsuits good?

That depends on what you’re looking for, If you’re looking for cheap, sexy and cheerful then Dresslily swimsuits are good, if you’re looking for expensive and the best quality then no their not.

Are dresslily swimsuits true to size?

I personally found out that they are very close to size, maybe just a little bit extra material but for the money you pay. I personally think they have just that extra 1cm-2cm on the tops but I really can’t complain.

Are dresslily clothes cheaply made?

Sometimes you have got to look at logic and realize if their selling products cheap then with labour cost and overheads then they have to sell loads and they do. So yes they are cheaply made and that’s why they are cheap! If you are looking for the best quality at cheap prices. You are never going to get it unless it’s at least 2nd hand.

Are dresslily legit?

Yes, there are legit, they might not be the best in the business for quality or shipping but yes they are legit. If you looking to really deep dive into this then look into their Facebook account with over 11 Million subscribers here >https://www.facebook.com/Dresslily so yes again they are legit.

Are dresslily wigs good?

Never tried one, maybe in another review. If you have please review down below!

Can you trust dresslily?

in our reviews on dresslily, Simple answer is Yes. The truth is this, It’s a cheap fashion brand that makes money from lots and lots of orders and if you can’t trust it, it will fail. Been going live since 2011 so Logic says You can trust Dresslily. They even have a Dresslily Facebook Group in which you check out people buying their stuff here.

How do dresslily sizes run?

Well they dont actually run as they just clothing. (sorry bad joke) but if your asking if their true to size then they almost are, maybe a few cm here and there.

How does dresslily work?

mmmm, You go on their website > DressLily.com, find what you like, order and wait 10 days for packaging to arrive.

How reliable is dresslily?

In our experience, I would give dresslily 8/10 for reliability.

How to track dresslily orders?

You will have an order number emailed to you and you can use that to track your parcel.

What is dresslily return policy?

Dresslily will take returns as long as long as you return the item as you received it. Unopened, not used and not washed.

What country is dresslily from?

Dresslily like Most cheap and cheerful clothings, comes from China. The land of the rising sun.

What country does dresslily ship from?

Dresslily ships from mostly China but I do believe they also have a big warehouse in the United States.

Should I order from dresslily?

If you want nice, cheap and cheerful clothing and your not in a rush to have them. Then Yes.

Why is dresslily so cheap?

Because they can buy and make in bulk which reduces the price overheads and cost which pass the savings on to you and you will continue to buy from them and they can restart the process all over again.

Is dresslily a scam?

No, DressLily.com is not a scam site but in saying that, we have seen some really cheaper rip-offs on eBay and amazon that can give the company a bad name. Just head over to https://www.facebook.com/Dresslily to see people showing off their dressily order.

DressLily Reviews – Why Women Should Shop With them

  • For a start, they know the average size of a woman is 16-18 and NOT 0-12.
  • Some really cute designs which I haven’t seen before.
  • Almost True to size, maybe 1cm out in which I cant complain.
  • Average of 10 days shipping which I was fine with.
  • Cheap and cheerful quality of the material.
  • Lots of different products as well to browse
  • Have the bigger ladies in Mind, which I love.
  • Buy lots of sets for under $100 including delivery

reviews on dresslily
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DressLily Reviews – Why Women Should NOT Shop With them.

  • The website can be stuffed with too many promotions, Can be overwhelming.
  • Some Designs can look a bit like kids have designed them.
  • Bottoms can be irritating and itchy but don’t really know if that’s just me.
  • If you are looking for very fast shipping, you won’t get that here
  • Not the best in quality of materials, You want the best you have to pay for it.
  • Not really a big Brand name.
  • If you can afford $100 dollar sets without breaking a sweat.
  • You can’t wait for 10 days for delivery
  • You have had a bad experience with Chinese owned stores.
  • You really want the best brands and quality (check out Bikini.com)

Dresslily Reviews Overall.

Overall, what my thoughts off dresslily is that the company is good for what it is, a cheap fashion brand that is affordable to everyone and anyone. Not everyone will be buying their website as we are all different in life and likes. The quality of the swimwear was good and the fit was good. It was not the best but I am not going to moan.

Would I buy off their again, when I see a few things that I like Yes.

Another set of eyes.

Here’s what Olivia Freada Curves off youtube Thinks off her dresslily.com orders.

Hope you got everything and all the questions you’re looking for in our Dresslily Reviews and if you have had good or negative from them, we would love to know and comment below.

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