Vintage Bathing Suit Styles

Eye Opening, 10 Vintage Bathing Suit Styles – 6th One Will Blow Your Mind!

You might have seen them on the beach or seen hundreds off ideas on of vintage bathing suits and wanted one. From the 40’s, 50’s 60’s and 70’s vintage bathing suits they have been re-invented for you to look stylish on the beach or at your local summer party to stand out from the crowd.

Retro swimwear designs have always been designed to be fun, modest and totally flattering on your figure, it doesn’t really matter what shape you are.

The classics that have always been popular are mainly one-pieces or polka dots but we have found 10 great ideas for you to wear. Handpicked and sourced from trustworthy world retailers.

10 HandPicked Vintage Bathing Suit Styles

This timeless and cute old fashion bathing suit, the Red Gingham Smocked Bikini looks like you should be out on the beach already. This old fashion suit would be perfect for a hot summer’s day picnic without any water. Cute, sexy and very fashionable even in today’s society. (see Our Cupshe Review)

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A totally 100% retro swimsuits one-piece, This unique vintage design is from the popular Italian designer Margherita Maccapani. Not only does this feel and look retro, but it also has sun protection of 50+. Some lush colours that really work together and will make your look curvy with your waistline. When dry, you can throw a nice skirt on and walk downtown without worrying. (see reviews)

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This very old fashion bathing suit is definitely something you would see in a 60’s James Bond Movie. This retro swimsuits one-piece. This Black One-piece Surfing Rash Guard Swimsuit has a padded bra, very high leg cut to show off your legs, does have a zipper closure and is totally sexy vintage. ( Review)

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old fashioned swimsuit

Another old fashioned swimsuit that you always wanted is defo a polka dot bikini (polka dot history) but we have never seen one that is Mustard Flavored. This very retro-inspired outfit has a tie-up bow on the waist, Brazilian cut and a vintage high waisted fit just for that extra style. They do other colours but we love this one!

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10 Vintage Bathing Suit Styles

A simple retro swimsuits one-piece set that has a deep v neck so you can show off a little cleavage with lace stripes that hides a few things too. You can benefit from the padded bra or just take it out. Its another set from a James Bond movie that will blow the bad guys away and the hero near. Some set that the great Marilyn Monroe would wear.

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old fashion bathing suit

This is another old fashion bathing suit polka dots bikini but with a little bit of modern twist. It has ties at the side in which us women know really makes us look tempting like were easy but guys your in for a big surprise, were not! It is padded but wire-free and even though we know it is not essential in the Vintage Bathing Suit Styles exactly we’ve added it to this group as its just cute as. (our Zaful Review)

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A Vintage Gingham Mock Button Halter With Bowknot Tankini Swimwear is defo a classic style in the swimwear line as the high waisted bottoms will cover up unwanted areas to be seen while still rocking a chick look on the beach. The top that has a perfect sweet vibe to it because of the colour coordination and mock buttons. A lush old vintage swimwear design. ( Reviews)

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This classic RACHEL CLASSIC LIPSTICK STRIPE PRINT is definitely something the Great Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Picture at the age of 18) used to wear when she was just becoming a superstar. This has the striped colours of white, red, pink, mauve, black, and brown. The set is vertically striped with an underbust at the bust to give you a flirtatious look

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retro swimsuits one-piece

We love timeless classic swimwear like this, a very cute colour criss-cross vintage one piece inspired by those 50’s ladies belts. No matter what body type you have, we are sure it will flatter you and you can have extra support from its padded cups. No matter where you are on the beach, sure to stand out.

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To complete our little list of 10 Vintage Bathing Suit Styles That you should own is a classic green one-piece with white polka dots featuring a stylish buckle belt that would really benefit girls that have an hourglass-shaped figure. This is a luxury set that feels like you should be in an Italian beach resort with a matching beach scarf and big sunglasses. Simply Vintage, Simply Stunning.

Label? Adriana Degreas, Where From?, How Much? $290, See This And All classic bathing suits Here.

Hope you liked our little list of Vintage Bathing Suit Styles, If you have one you love, We would love to hear about it so comment below and let us know.

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