How to look skinny in a bathing suit

How to look skinny in a bathing suit

How to look skinny in a bathing suit is every woman’s anxiety, I can’t wear this, I cant wear that, I look fat in this, and I look fat in that. Usually, this is every case when you’re going out in the evening but us women get even more worried about our swimsuits on the beach.

Why do we worry about looking skinny on the beach, well us women are very complex machines that really think about what other’s are thinking about us. Our anxieties really are bad especially when it comes down to looking good down the seaside.

so here’s are the great guide on how to look skinny in a bathing suit down at the beach or poolside.


Get a pair of High Sandals that you are comfortable in.

sandals make you look taller and slimmer

If you can and feel really comfortable in doing so get yourself some high sandals that either has a wedge/heel. This really does help you look taller and also a little bit thinner. The scientist has proven that a few extra inches in height will lose a few cms in the waist. the downside to this is if you’re not good on your feet wearing high sandals then you might as well not bother if you’re going to end up on the floor.

Recommended Sandals Here


Put your Hair up

put hair in ponytail

Another tip for making you look a little taller and thinner is to have your hair in a straight ponytail, nothing fancy but just that. This increases your neck sight and will make you look slimmer and more athletic.


Be tall

One more tip for being tall is to have great posture, if you’re not standing tall and feeling confident then you will be low and saggy. Get your head and hold it high and get your shoulders right back. You will feel very uncomfortable at first but after a while, you will get the hang of it and shed a few more instant pounds like magic and the bonus is that your breast will look a little firmer and we girls know that the boys will appreciate that.


Fashion Sense

Dark colors have always been great in any fashion to hide a bit of weight and you should have no exception here.  Black is a little boring, go for anything that is dark. Brown, blue or whatever you like. Don’t go for big patterns, The bigger the pattern the bigger you will look, so smallest patterns please girls.

Also, you can go for added ruffles/color blocking/optical illusions, these three solutions are your best mate as onlookers will be moving their eye elsewhere and not where you want it.

Another tip – Get a nice dark cover-up as well as a dark swimsuit, this will help How to look skinny in a bathing suit.


Body Look

The leaner you look, the thinner and fitter you will look. Get a nice natural fake tan on that uses natural ingredients and your legs will look slimmer than they usually are. (don’t go for tanning beds as the risk of diseases like cancer are not for you). On the day if you have a sunscreen of 40 and above then moist your body with body oil – this will also make you look leaner and fitter.

So that’s our top tips on How to look skinny in a bathing suit and hope you got some great info from us and we look forward to seeing your skinny ladies down the local beach.

Any more tips, comment below and let everyone know.

Stay Safe at the beach

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