How To Shrink Bathing Suit Bottoms

How To Shrink Bathing Suit Bottoms

How To Shrink Bathing Suit Bottoms, are they too big for you? did you go the size up thinking that you put on extra weight due to excessive eating or Does the bathing suit get a bit to lose after you use it?

Whatever your reason here’s the little guide to getting those bottoms shrinking.

How To Shrink Bathing Suit Bottoms or shrink the entire bathing suit is a very easy operation if your bathing suit is made of either

  • Cotton
  • Cotton blends

If your bathing suit is made up of any one of the following materials then you’re in bad luck for the reasons.

  • Spandex – Made with Really tiny bits of elastic materials and will easily melt and change molecular structure when over extreme temperatures.
  • Nylon – Another material that does not like high temperatures and will be damaged by the intensity
  • Polyester – Defo, not a shrinker, you can do the following guide a million times and it will only shrink a tiny bit.

You should not need to shrink these materials if you bought the right size.

Today’s swimsuits are usually made from cotton blends or just cotton so realistically you should be in luck. Bathing suits that are made from total cotton shrink a lot more than any made from cotton blended so if your bathing suit is made of cotton blended then you might have to repeat the following process.

How To Shrink Bathing Suit Bottoms Needs.

shrink your bathing suit, not him.

Here’s what you’re going to need to shrink those goddam oversized bathing suits down:-

You are going to Need

  • Time
  • Patience (not the ones from the hospital)
  • Hot Clothes Dryer
  • Water
  • Kitchen Sink Or Bath
  • Detergents
  • Elbow Grease (please don’t google that)

The Very First Step In How To Shrink Bathing Suit Bottoms.

Fill the Bath Or Your Kitchen Sink With Very Warm Water.

Step Number 2

Get half a Cup Full Of your favorite detergent and put it into the very warm water.

Step Number 3

Using Your Natural Elbow Grease, Give the bathing suit a great Hand Wash in very soapy water.

Step Number 4

Empty The Kitchen sink or Bath and leave the bathing suit to rest for a few minutes (without rinsing)

Step Number 5

Run the tap until you get a nice Warm supply (not hot) of water. Gently rinse the swimsuit under the warm water without twisting or damaging it. So no wringing it out please folks.

Step Number 6

When you washed all the detergent completely out leaving the swimsuit still wet. Throw it into the dryer and let that spin for around 50 minutes on high heat (if made from one hundred percent cotton) or on low heat (if made from cotton blends).

Step Number 7.

Using your Time and Patience, wait 50 minutes to see if the swimsuit is completely dry. If it is, it will be smaller than the time you started this process.

Step Number 8

Go swimming again looking great with those firm buttocks. 🙂


  • Never use bleach in a bathing suit
  • Never Put Spandex or Nylon in a clothes dryer.
  • Never in a mirror Stare at Your Butt too Much Or Anyone Else’s 😉

and hope you shrunk your bathing suit with our guide to How To Shrink Bathing Suit Bottoms.

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