How to wash bathing suits

The Very Simple Way – How To Wash Bathing Suits

How to wash bathing suits and How Not to – We have all been there, Us girls buy an expensive glamour bathing suit and have put it in the wash a few times and they don’t look as good as new, in fact, they start to look old! But why? Just spent all that money on one a few months ago and they look like crap now and you have to buy a new one.

Very Frustrating isn’t it. (Best Bathing Suit For My Body Type)

As you did not realize the bad effects on your new bathing suit can be the heat and radiation of the sun, All the swimming pool chemicals that keep the pool clean, The Sand rubbing on you at the beach and all the chemicals in the lotions you rub in on yourself. Well, you might as well go join a nudist club instead of keeping buying new bathing suits. 🙂

So instead of exposing yourself to a nudist beach, here are our top tips for keeping your new beach outfit all in good nick.

  1. Completely rinse it as soon as you finished on the beach or at the pool to get all the chlorine out or the sunscreen lotions out. The best way to rinse it out is to go and have a nice cool shower while still wearing your bathing suit but try not to get any shampoo or body washes on it.
  2. DONT RINSE, that’s right. Don’t Rinse the water out even if it is so natural to do so, this will increase the wear on the colours and patterns and will make it fade faster. Instead, lay it out and roll it up gently just using a soft pressure to get the water out.
  3.  Do not put your bathing suit in a washing machine, big mistake. Bathing suits need TLC and being a new bathing suit it would probably stain all your other clothes in the machine.
  4. Wash by hand. Use a nice mild soap instead of harsh detergents (that would damage your suit)
  5.  Don’t put it in a Dryer. No No No and No
  6. Don’t hang it out to dry, the Sun Rays will kill it (fade it) instead of dry it in the shade

Those 6 top tips will keep your bathing suit lasting longer and one more thing, Ladies bathing suits are made of spandex. So when it’s pulled and parted it will return to its original form, so don’t use it for days and days. Fold it neatly and Let it rest, Get yourself a second suit.

So that’s our tips on How to wash bathing suits

washing your bathing suit

If you have any other tips on how to wash a swimsuit, fire away below. we love to know.

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