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Iyasson Review, Due to the fact we are getting emails asking questions like is Iyasson swimwear range real, or is Iyasson Swimwear Range legit. We decide¬†to do a little review for you just so you stop sending us emails ūüėČ

Here is Our little Iyasson Review.

Official Site: Iyasson.com

So let us get the first question out the way?

Is Iyasson Legit?

The answer is yes they are but it is not an official maker of swimsuits. They are more into Drop shipping worldwide than making their own brand designs.

Is Iyasson Reliable?

Yes, they are reliable and will deliver your goods and they do accept returns however because of the low-cost price of their swimwear range it does take a little more time to get your product or return them.

Is Iyasson A Scam Site.

No, Not at all.

Is Iyasson Swimwear Have High-Quality Materials.

The simple answer is no, they are a cheap and cheerful brand and their swimsuits probably¬†won’t last you 3 seasons on the beach.

Here Are Some Samples Of The Quality From Their Best Sellers. Click To Check out the Quality.


So with our little Iyasson review, but We going to say we recommend Iyasson to the

  • Women that are looking for nice new fashion.
  • Something different.
  • Cheap and affordable swimwear.
  • Women that want to buy a few suits under $50.
  • Women that want a disposable swimwear.
  • Women that cant afford high-quality swimwear but still like to look good on the beach.
  • Women That are average size

We Don’t¬†recommend Iyasson For

  • Women That Want High-Quality Materials.
  • Women That Want Swimsuits to last for at least 5 seasons.
  • Women That Like Branded Names.
  • Women That Like To Spend More than $100.
  • Women Who Are Expensive.
  • Women Who Are Plus Size and Over as They Don’t¬†Cater For.

That’s¬†our Little Iyasson review over with and we hope that’s cleared your head of questions but also be warned, If you are going to Shop With Iyasson Then Go To The Official Site here Iyasson.com


Iyasson Review

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