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Jolyn Swimwear Reviews, Why Them?

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In this In-depth Review, I do look at everything and we answer a lot of question for you.

Jolyn Swimwear History

The company started in around 2006 from an ex lifeguard (Mallyce Miller – LinkedIn) who noticed a big gap in the water sports industry. She noticed that a lot of women do not wear the right swimming costume for proper swimming, water polo and more water sports.

At the time a lot of this ladies would find their tops coming loose and the bottoms coming off due to the physical activity.

Then was born.


We get a lot of questions for Jolyn so We have answered them below, If you can’t be bothered or not interested. Scroll to the bottom for the Jolyn Swimwear Reviews

Who Owns Jolyn?

Jolyn is owned by Mallyce Miller @ Base Equity Partners.

Where is Jolyn located? And The Headquarters?

150 5th St Suite 100, Huntington Beach, California, 92648

Are Jolyn swimsuits fina approved?

At the time of writing, only a few of their swimsuits are fina approved and you can see them here on this link. Jolyn Fina Approved Swimsuits

Are Jolyn swimsuits padded?

As far as I researched this, the simple answer is No due to more resistance swimming and water sports in which would slow you down a few milliseconds. (which is a big deal for competitive sports)

How do Jolyn swimsuits fit?

Jolyn suits do run a little smaller compared to other brands. This is to keep them a little tighter on you for less resistance.

How does Jolyn sizing work?

Jolyn's Tops Guide
Jolyn’s Tops Guide
Jolyn's Bottom Guide
Jolyn’s Bottom Guide

Top Tip:- For their swimsuits style, if you are slightly in the medium between 2 sizes like medium or large then go for the large.

Is JOLYN’S Chlorine resistant?

Due to the fact they are made from 100% Polyester means that they will tackle the chlorine better than any other top brands but they still are not 100% chlorine resistant.

How much is Jolyn shipping?

At this time of publishing, there is free shipping but that’s not going to last. The usual shipping rates are free OVER $75 which includes free returns.

Shipping rates are different from where you live in the states and around the world and if you want to really make sure, go over to Jolyn Contact Page Here

How long is Jolyn standard shipping?

How much is Jolyn shipping?

How to track Jolyn order?

As soon as you have ordered, you will get a tracking code ASAP in your email. You can use this to track your order down.

How to return Jolyn?

Simply go to this Jolyn webpage and fill in your details >

How often does Jolyn restock?

Every 2 to 3 weeks, 4-5 weeks when in demand

How to cancel Jolyn order?

Make sure, if you wish to cancel the order you do it very fast and email them at Mistakes happen and do. If you have made a mistake then email them fast!

How to Tie a JOLYN One Piece Swimsuit?

What stores sell Jolyn swimsuits and where to buy?

Head over to their World Store locater Here > Jolyn Store Locater. You can see all the stores or retailers that sell their products. All just click at the official link on the top of this Jolyn Swimwear Reviews Page.

Which Jolyn bottoms cover the most?

You will have to look at the Jolyn coverage guide to suit your style. Jolyn Coverage Guide Link

Is Joylyn A Scam Site?

Not what so ever BUT if your going to buy from Jolyn Make sure you use their Official Site Here > official Site:- as I have seen quite a few rip-offs in the likes of Amazon, eBay etc and you want want to be ripped off.

When does Jolyn usually have sales?

Yes they do have sales most of the time for there end of the line stuff and you can check it out on their Final Lap Sales Page Here

Are Jolyn’s swimwear any good? My Review

First of all, the website is very good to navigate, even though It did not tell me the price to ship until I was ordering my 2 Sets. I ordered on a Sunday night and got them by Thursday which was good as I thought it would take a week to get here.

My first order was the simple Chevy swim onesie Hawaii Blue around $60 – size M, This was for mainly swimming in the sea.

chevy swim onesie
Nice But did it fit correctly?

The other set I got was a mixture bikini set of Andy Bikini Bottoms $30

Andy’s bottoms

and The Tomcat athletic back tie $29


Both the bikini sets were dark red and size medium and this set was for paddling in the beach and sunbathing.

What did I think of the sets?

The first one, the first one the Onesie felt a little tight on me at first and was a bit annoying especially around my thighs but this soon past as I headed to the beach for a swim. I felt really good wearing it but I was a little bit worried about cameltoe in which I kept asking my partner and annoying him. (as us girls do)

But he assured me it wasn’t on show. When I went for a swim in this set I then Felt the quality and less resistance to water than any other onesies I have worn. Even though I wasn’t timing myself or competing I felt fast at swimming like a shark.

When I finished swimming and walked back up to our camp, the tightness was better as I guess it started to mould around my figure. When sun-bathing, I felt it dried out fast too which Is what I like as I don’t like feeling damp.

The 2nd Set Bikini, As the next day, my plan was just to laze around on the beach and go through a paddle now and again. I wore my mixed bikini set. The bottoms felt great but I was a little bit worried about the top. I was worried that the tie back would come to lose and I would expose myself.

but it never did! Which was good. The top kept my breast nice and tucked away and made them feel a little bit bigger even though it had no padding. I never went for a swim in this as I intended not to.

But apart from my anxiety, I loved my mixed bikini set.

Overall, in our Jolyn Reviews – I was happy with the site, the delivery and very happy with the sets. Especially the Onesie. Would I buy from again? Yes and No.

Yes For onesies and sport style swimwear and No for bikinis, Even though I really like it and feel the quality and I will wear it again and again. For me, think they’re a bit on the expensive side and I could get 2-3 from  or read our Cupshe Review.

Reviews Of Jolyns Plus’s/Negative’s

What I really Love About

  • Fantastic suits for swimming, and all water sports
  • Good Designs
  • Fewer resistants in the water so you be able to perform to your best.
  • Discounts on group orders
  • Team Selections
  • Fast delivery
  • Some products are reasonably priced
  • Great website
  • Sets Felt stable and comfy

Shop Jolyn Here.

What I Really Don’t Like About Jolyn

  • Mainly focused on Athletic Bodies
  • Personally don’t think they really cater for the bigger ladies even though they do all sizes
  • Sizes run a little smaller than other brands.
  • Not 100% Chlorine Resistant as people might think, they’re not lying but they’re not telling the whole truth either.
  • Does not say on the website the cost of shipping until your order, for me, that’s a bummer.
  • Sets can be a tad expensive but you pay for what you get.
  • Maybe a little too tight at first.

Hope you got all the information you wanted from our article. Hope we have helped You 🙂

Another Pair Of Eyes

A video from another totally different pair of eyes. Youtube channel is Liz Kleveno who does a Jolyn Bikini Try On and of course a Jolyn swimwear reviews. Enjoy.

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