little mermaid bathing suit

Who does not like a little mermaid bathing suit.

Little Mermaid Bathing Suit

Which girl or women? does not want to be that rebellion of a mermaid girl from the great film of the little mermaid.

When you was a youngster or your daughter is now spending hours in a pool playing mermaids.  Due to that film singing all the mermaid songs as well as pretending to splash your tail in the pool.

Well I know I did and it’s now over 30 years old and a true classic.

What can we really say at all, Ariel has to be the most inspiring character for all our little girl inside us (which is properly been now overtaken by Elsa of frozen noooo). and we girls love to have been a Mermaid splashing around and finding the love of our life prince charming Eric.

So we have brought up a few great ideas for you ladies or for your daughters that can make and feel like you are Ariel of the little mermaid bathing suit.

For Your Daughters

little mermaid

A Little Girls 2 Piece Princess Mermaid Bikini Set Swimwear from eBay from around $9 will have your daughter loving the pool even more.

little mermaid bathing suit

Or This cute 1 Piece Little Mermaid Bathing Suit that comes from Wandafull from around $10. Therefore will have your daughters loving the mermaid look.

For Added Extras

little mermaid red wig

From party King comes a Fantastic Ariel Nice Red Wig, just make sure you don’t get it wet because it comes at around $30.

ariels flippers

For a great full mermaid outfit at the beach, why not get your daughter a   Training Gear Flipper. while it’s a great motivation for helping your little one learn to swim it comes at $13

This was our top picks for that little mermaid bathing suit for your daughter.

Now For You Mums Or Mature Ladies.


little mermaid womens bathing suit

Our main Choice is this 2 Piece Bathing suit from LEOBON Little Mermaid Costume. As a result, This little mermaid bathing suit Bikini has style as well as sex appeal.  Very trendy one that you can wear with pride at the beach.

Therefore only $28 this is a great set and you will be Ariel for the day.

Don’t like it,  Click here For More Designs from eBay

Hope you like our selection.

If not or you own any of this comment below and let everyone know.


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