Men's Tan Through Swimwear Reviews

Mens Tan Through Swimwear Reviews

As writing this there are quite a few companies that sell men’s tan through swimwear tops and bottoms. But really as I can’t afford to buy from them all in one go, so I am reviewing the Tops and bottoms from To see if they work.

All the companies do have almost the same material so, to be honest, doesn’t make much difference on where you purchase them if you do. Was going to try kiniki men’s tan through swimwear but thought they were more expensive.

Official Site:-

Mens Tan Through Swimwear Questions and Answers

Before I get on with my Personal review I would like to cover the questions that I asked before I ordered them. So I’ll do my best to answering all your questions about them before my review.

Does Tan Through Swimwear Really Work?

The simple answer is Yes, They do work 100%. You might need to spend more time in the sun to get the desired effect though.

How does tan Though Swim Work?

Having being made from a special fabric. This allows the sunrays to go through what you are wearing and hits the skin. Imagine millions of little big holes in your tank top that when combined make it a big hole like your not wearing anything at all.

Men's Tan Through Swimwear Reviews

Is Tan Through Swimwear Dangerous?

You must treat these swimsuits as if you are naked in the sun and protect yourself by using sunscreen. They are designed to help sunrays get onto your skin. So cover yourself with sunscreen before you go out. If you don’t, you will get burnt. Trust me, I had to learn the hard way.

Mens Tan Through Swimwear Reviews – My Review.

So to start with, looking on cooltans website, I choose 3 Items. They were:-

Men's tan through Light Gray Polo
Men’s tan through Light Gray Polo

The first item I put in on the checkout was this stylish polo shirt around $50

Tan though Black Shorts
Tan though Black Shorts around $36

The 2nd item was black shorts to go with my grey polo top.

tan through black briefs
tan through black briefs

and the 3rd item was the men’s black briefs. (yes they all look like muscle studs on the website)

So I order all of these from website and within 5 days I got the products. So a good start was fast delivery.

The top fitted me with no problem and you can feel the quality of the shirt even though they feel quite light. The trunks and briefs also fitted well and I wasn’t afraid that they would fall down and expose my little friend.

But Did it work, well a few good days on the beach would tell?

One thing my partner made me do before we headed out on the beach is to put sun protection all over my body as basically I was unprotected. So if you are going to buy this item, make sure you put on your sun protection all over.

so strolling on the beach in my sun through a tan polo shirt and trunks with my briefs on under (don’t ask why), I could feel the rays of the sun all over my body.

So I knew it was working.

After a few days of wearing these items, I really did get an all-over tan through. So it does work

all over tan
Holding my gut in and sorry for the bad blurring pic.

the true effect of these clothes is to get an all-over tan without needing to take your top off, trunks or briefs. Cheat > I did take my polo shirt off when I was on the beach but hey ho- I would with a normal polo shirt.

But I must admit, No TAN lines and that’s the best thing about them. If I was wearing normal clothes, I know for a fact that I would get tan lines or my tan wouldn’t look right.

Men’s Tan Through Swimwear Reviews POSITIVES

  • Does Work 100%
  • Nice styles
  • Good Fit
  • Love the idea of men’s tan through tank tops and men’s tan through t-shirts
  • Some very stylish tank tops and t-shirts
  • Speedy delivery.
  • NO TAN LINES – Awesome, this was what I wanted.

Men’s Tan Through Swimwear Reviews NEGATIVES

  • A little bit pricey if your only going to wear it for a few months
  • Don’t Really understand buying tan through briefs or men’s tan through g string? Whos really going to see it when men are naked? Unless you are a perfectionist. You might as well tan on a nudist beach really.
  • Men on the website are all body ripped! Not like us, real men with dad bods 🙂
  • Getting any off these shirts wet will let it become a bit see-through, Glad I am male 😉


Would I buy these kinds of clothes again for Tanning?

I will definitely buy the polo shirts and the long trunks for when mine get old or I want a new style. But I would never buy the briefs again. What’s the point? as I have stated before I might as well be naked and nobody is really going to notice that part or your region unless it is your partner.

It does the job I wanted and I got a great tan without tan lines.

So I will be using them again and just for the shirts, polos, etc but not the briefs.

Hope you got all the answers you needed if not ask below and Ill will answer them. If you have bought these kinds of Tan Through syles let us know below.

A 2nd Pair of eyes

We all like a second pair of eyes on reviews and this video also gave me a TOP TIP as the tops and sun protection have different sun protection. I found out that you need to even it up.

Some great tips from the youtube channel DingoHowl on how to get the best tan and his review of these tops.

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  1. Nice post really! You are providing deep information about men’s swimwear I appreciate your post. Keep it up

  2. Have purchased several black swim trunks. Didn’t work well. However, the last pair that I bought appear to have more holes and are of a lighter material. This pair is more see through and consequently lets in more light. Sitting in the Florida sun for 45 minutes results in minor color changes. I think that two weeks of several hours per day will work just fine. Got to be aware of people seeing through the suit. If you don’t care then have at it. Or look for seclusion

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