Adriana Degreas Swimwear –

Mrs Degreas is a very famous international designer and has famous followers of the likes of N. Campbell, D Lovato, G Hahid and many many more.

Why do they like her stuff, well that’s really easy as she styles very beautiful designs with superb materials, (quality is written all over her designs) and her cutouts are just as famous as they make you look fantastic.

The bleeding edge plan and top of the line attack of each Adriana Degreas swimwear two-piece and one-piece bathing suit are made for the complex, present day lady. The extravagance beachwear mark reliably gives the absolute most arousing and exquisite swimwear pieces seen at Fashion Weeks around the globe. All Adriana Degreas creator accumulation pieces are made in Brazil with elevated expectation, great craftsmanship. The top of the line mark has been highlighted in top design magazines from L’officiel, Elle, Vogue and man many more.

So she is very Famous and very talented, So all you have to do is browse her choices of  Adriana Degreas swimwear and show it off on the beach.

Things To Consider buying Adriana Degreas Swimwear

Where to buy Adriana Degreas

On This very Page but if you are looking for the brand New and today’s launches of her designs. Click Here to go through to the US Retailer of Adriana.

What Materials Do They Use For There Swimwear

  • They Use The Very Best Fabrics from polyamide, elastane, polyamide, elastane and
    • Spandex. Depending on the design for the swimsuit. But We know the feel of there swimsuits and we guarantee there made of the Highest Quaily.

Where is the Fashion Adrian Degreas Swimwear Located?

They started and are made in the south of America in the wonderful country of Brazil. To be specific they are located at Adriana Degreas, Barra do tibagi –  In The Brazilian State of São Paulo. Don’t let startle you as They Do have lots of retailers in The North and most of Europe. We are one of them.

Selecting The Right Size Bikini/Swimwear

The Size chart is below but please make sure your size has been measured in the last few days before your order. We Want you to get the right size for you to look and feel great in what you are wearing.

Adriana Degreas Bikini Guides

DIMENSION XS (36) S (38) M (40) L (42) XL (44)
BUST 33.07 in 34.65 in 36.22 in 37.80 in 39.37 in
HIGH-WAIST 25.98 in 27.56 in 29.13 in 30.71 in 32.28 in
WAIST 24.02 in 25.59 in 27.17 in 28.74 in 30.31 in
HIPS 35.04 in 36.61 in 38.19 in 39.76 in 41.34 in
SHOULDER LENGHT 3.94 in 4.13 in 4.33 in 4.53 in 4.72 in
LONG-SLEEVE LENGHT 24.41 in 24.80 in 25.20 in 25.59 in 25.98 in

Size Guide In CM

DIMENSION XS (36) S (38) M (40) L (42) XL (44)
BUST 84 cm 88 cm 92 cm 96 cm 100 cm
HIGH-WAIST 66 cm 70 cm 74 cm 78 cm 82 cm
WAIST 61 cm 65 cm 69 cm 73 cm 77 cm
HIPS 89 cm 93 cm 97 cm 101 cm 105 cm
SHOULDER LENGHT 10 cm 11 cm 11 cm 12 cm 12 cm
LONG-SLEEVE LENGHT 62 cm 63 cm 64 cm 65 cm 66 cm

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