Aila Blue was founded in the year 2009 is owned and designed by the American-Japanese designer Mai Dalle Cort. When she was young she had the love for the sea and the sky where she was living in Hawaii. She also traveled around the world especially Los Angelas and Japan where she also gets her inspirations to design unique styles that draw the eyes.

Aila Blue bikinis are targeted for the poolside lover, the beach dweller, and today’s Modern Women Jet Setters. With there Vintage outfits filled with bright and blend colors, you get an eye-catching flirty look that is fun warming and playful.

Over designs include very sporty looks as well as the classic Brazil Lift Bikini Bottoms which if you like to pose with your firm butt, you will love.

When you are wearing any of Aila Blue swimwear range, You will feel very confident and playful without putting any effort into it.

Full Range Of Alia Blue Can Be Found Here.

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