Barefoot Sandals are the biggest thing in beach fashion to come out since beach slice bread. For Strolling on the beach or rock pools, Not everyone likes wearing sandals or flip-floppers. Some ladies, well a lot of ladies love to have sand in between their toes as its one with mother nature and you appreciate life a little better.

This is where Barefoot Sandals really come into their own, as when you wear them you really are not wearing anything on the bottom and you feel everything below.

You might ask, so what is the point in barefoot sandals when you really don’t need them. Well it is all to do with one thing really

That thing is “Style”, yes going barefoot is practically the same as wearing these kinds of sandals but You do not have the style with it.

Wearing barefoot Sandals is like wearing princess shoes, It really does make you think you are a princess on the beach. Their designs are super cute on your feet that you will get more attention and You will definitely stand out from the boring usual crowd.

So go ahead and choose one pair of our quality range that you can wear year after year.

Be a princess.

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