Nipple Covers which are also known as Nipple Pasties are a very useful Item in your armory to have.

There are a few good reasons or situations that you would need to wear nipple covers or nipple pasties on the beach or in the evening.

If you are wearing a light blouse or a see-thru top in the evening with a see-thru bra then this nipple covers will cover up your nipples with ease and nobody will see them even if they get a little bit erect. So no embarrassment for you.

If your out on that beach and have found out that the new bikini or bathing suit that you just bought is see-thru when wet. The waterproof Nipple Pasties will save your day yet again. just simple pop them on and bravo you are saved.

One of the sexiest ways to wear nipple covers is if in fact you love showing off your boobs, going topless without the added pressure of people looking down at you as they think you should not be totally topless exposing your nipples.

You can easily stick one of this covers on your nipple, stroll around the beach topless without people disregarding you. Your win and look sexy at the same time.

Another great reason For buying nipple covers is the fact if you love to tan and you don’t really want a bikini line on top. Put a nipple pastie on and hey presto, you get an all-over tan without exposing too much.

All the nipple covers and pasties on our page come with at least 6 hours protection, Are very totally waterproof for the beach so no need to worry that they will come off while swimming. They also peel off very easy without hurting your sensitive nipples.

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