Beach Joy Bikini is designed and styled for the modern lady that loves the fast fashion in the world but which is also a very smart consumer.

They are well known for the affordability that is very sexy, yet simple. With their great fun prints which feature sexy ruching with detailed crochet.

The price is kept low as they are crafted in Indonesia and made from 100% cotton but don’t let that fool you as they are made with great hands as they are handmade.

If you are really into fashion, the beach joy bikinis have a solid style of colors and patterns. They have recently released their ultimate collection of designer lines which are the likes of the vibrant Watercult and bohemian-chic OndadeMar which are spearheaded trademarks of Beach Joy Bikini.

Beach Joys Bikini have a seriously wide range of great priced girly-girl fashion that every fashion geeky girl just loves.

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