BEACHGOLD BALI – is a family run business that has been going for around 30 years in the manufacturing business. Set In Bali in the great Asian country of Indonesia.

Their unique and own style of beachwear and clothing are influenced by traditions and cultures that set the style to indulgent, casual with a hint of Chic. They are very eco-friendly swimwear makers and source all the materials locally.

All the designs of Beachgold Bali are spun locally for the basics of the fabrics which give each item a local feel as well as very comfortable.

Big companies like Shanghai T, Victoria Secret, Bloomingdales, Heidi Klein and a lot more all partner up with Beachgold Bali as they have proved time and time again, how to satisfied consumers with their fashion range.

As they are a family run business they also very eco-friendly and always use the principles of fair trade.

The new designs can be found here at Beachgold Bali and we know you are proud to support them.

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