beach clutch bags are the latest main accessory to be using while down on your holidays. While best beach bags are usually a must, these bags will make you think lightweight.

They are small and very compact but can hold all your little beach essentials like tan creams, oils, sunglasses and any other thing that you can think off.

But that’s not all, you can take them out at night time too and have all your bits and bobs off makeup, mirrors lip balms etc.

Not only do they hold all your bits, they are very stylish too and they are becoming very popular amongst you ladies.

Do not worry about sand either as all beach clutch bags are made with sand proof materials that will stop and empty all the sand.

Designs can be simple or they can be an oyster shape like the Jane Clutch beach bag which is very stylish.

If your going to do the extra mile on the beach for style and design make sure you have a beach clutch bag with you. Your look even more styled.

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