For Love and Lemons Sale –  In case we’re being straightforward, we can’t resist the urge to imagine For Love and Lemons outlines on courageous, sure, and inquisitive angels who appear to dependably be looking for new things to do and places to see. “Travel Diaries” takes after young ladies on their outings around the globe, at the same time catching their most loved minutes and getting their unadulterated travel guidance. It’s our trust that “Travel Diaries” rouses you to take some genuinely necessary PTO, or at any rate make them think back about your most treasured travel recollections. For Love and Lemons Sale

This week we took after intriguing excellence Solange Smith and her picture taker companion, Kal Reston, to the lovely shorelines of Bali, Indonesia. Living vicariously through this jetsetting twosome on their trek through Uluwatu, Canggy, Ubud and Semiyak will cure any bad day in the making as it’ll make them wander off in fantasy land about unwinding pool-side get-aways and throughout the day sunbathing at the shoreline. Perused their full story to catch wind of the Bali hotspots they went to, the eateries they prescribe and the Indonesian expression they couldn’t manage without! For Love and Lemons Sale

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