Lolli swimwear mark Lolli was made for beachside Barbies. Idealize fit swimming outfits and delicious shaded bathing suits are sugared with sparkly sprinkles and love heart trims. Life is sweet! Grab a bargain and get your Lolli swim sale gear here.

Designed and owned by California girl Vy Nguyen,  Lolli Swimwear is well known for sophistication but with a touch of flirty in the designs. Her designs are inspired by the weather like rainbows and lots of sunshine that reflect off your body.

Lolli Swimwear is more designed and styled for the Younger generation that love having fun in the sun while keeping a feminine look. She also caters to the real girl next door that looks to be playful by the beach or the main swimming pools.

Lolli Bikinis are so cute and sweet that they are designed like cotton candy, so the wearer will have the curves showed off in all the right place.

You can see why a lot of girly-girls love Lolli swimwear as they have a real carefree attitude, that are cute, sexy and playful and feel like they are made for you.

Be Different and Unique On The Beach, Stand Out From The Boring Crowd.

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