Montce Swimwear range – Alexandra Grief was and always is inspired by the Beach way of life, She loves the culture at the beach and that’s why she started the Amazing Montce Swimwear range.

Alexandra Grief wanted to create and got focused on a swimwear range that screamed out a confident woman on the beach. A range that you would walk down the beach and get as many compliments possible.

A little history, Alexandra Grief got started with her swimwear range working form the Lauderdale Apartment rental and the range just exploded and now sets in at least 50 retailers in the whole world.

Real fans favorite from her twitter loves and Instagram followers, her swimsuits designs are easily shared amongst millions of people.

Montce Swimwear had really taken off and anyone knows about swimwear fashion now knows about her swimwear fashion designs.

Now made in the United States of America, she uses the best materials from across the globe.

you know that her range is amazing when you see the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, Jennifer Lopez and Kendall Jenner wearing the Montce Swimwear range of sexy styles.

But don’t be fooled as she styles and designs for all Body Types.

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