What do you love doing at the beach on a fantastic day with all your friends and family? Whether you love surfing the glorious waves that reach 10ft high, fooling around in the sea or our favorite – soaking up those glorious sun rays, Let’s face it, who does not love the beach and having fun in the sun! It is also very essential that us women wear the best gear. From sleek classics to sizzling stunners, check out one piece bathing suits in all your favorite styles.

Why us girls love wearing a one piece bathing? It’s not because we really hate our bodies. Its not that we girls cant find a bikini that we really like or want to have or neither is because we think that we look like whores and slutty girls! For us girls we love a one piece because its a matter of Style, yes Style and definitely preference. So yes variety is the splice of the famous life. lots of girls on the beach, to us wear the wrong thing. Have you ever nudged your partner without saying a word and they know that someone is wearing something or very little out of place. Style is everything, we are not all blessed with amazing body and if we did have one, time does reck it. But it’s just not on about our bodies, it is all to do with our confidence as well.

Some bikinis are fantastic looking on a certain type of lady and not very good on others, and, certainly, there are locales where a two-piece just feels right for them but for us, for some reason a one piece bathing suits is practical for anytime we visit the beach. A one piece bathing suits for us are style simple and they look fantastic.

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