Velvet one-piece swimsuit page is for the new and old trend of the 80s and 90s that have really come back in style at the beach.

You might be thinking “Velvet with water”, surely not! Well, We can tell you that all the fabrics on this page are 100% totally waterproof and the water will not damage your swimwear what so ever. So it makes you completely swimmable while wearing them.

If you are looking for that swimsuit that really covers the bits you do not want other people to see while your strolling on the beach. But you are also looking for attention.

Then You need a Velvet One-Piece Swimsuit, This designs and styles really do make you shine and you will get all the eye-catching attention you want. While hiding all the bad spots. Eyes will be glaring at you at all the right places.

Shine Like A Star – Be A Velvet Girl!

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