Swimsuits without Padding are the range with us women that really really don’t want any extra padding.

There are a lot of reasons why us women do not like padded swimsuits and Ill state them here.

  • The first one is that is really super uncomfortable, They push up your boobs and press against your chest and that is a big no-no for us. Even though It makes us ladies a lot more sexy in the cleavage compartment, We have never really found a push-up swimsuit that is really comfortable.
  • Padding Gives Off Wrong Optical Illusion. Whatever sexual orientation you are and if you are single looking to meet a nice lady or a hunk on your holiday. Giving off that you have bigger boobs will disappoint them under the sheets. Men love to grope them and will be very disappointed if they are a lot smaller than they first thought.
  • Wearing padded Swimsuits For Other People. Realising that you are wearing them for other people and not yourself. You want to look sexier and more confident with those false swimsuit tops. Thier is nothing sexier than a self-confident woman who is herself.
  • Love Your Small Bust. Beleive it or not but guys actually like girls whatever size their breast are. if you have small breast be proud of them and be confident.
  • Free The Nipple. If you want to be sexier, then freeing the nipple is the best way to do it. Men and women love it when they can see your nipple shape through your bathing suit top and wearing padding do not help. So chose Swimsuits without Padding and you be surprised at how sexier you are.



So we have come up with this product category for swimsuits without padding for you ladies that want to free the nipple. All products below are Padding free and will have you looking great on the beach. So get browsing and give them a go.

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