shein swimsuit reviews

Shein Swimsuit Reviews

Official Site Global Site:-

Welcome to my Shien Review, Please NOTE, I have reviewed ONLY the Swimsuit section of their whole website. I am not doing a review on anything else they offer. Just the swimsuit section.

If you would like to browse hundreds of other products they offer just simply click this link > to go to the main page.

or you can check out their Instagram account here > Shein Instagram

My Shein Swimsuit Reviews.

So the first thing on my review I will say is the Shein website is not the best designed and it took me a while to choose a few sets due to the annoying layout and a few popups, but I got used to it.

Please note, I brought these sets with my own money and wasn’t given them to me by the company.

So after I manage, I choose the following sets.

Neon Lime Ribbed Triangle Bikini Swimsuit
Neon Lime Ribbed Triangle Bikini Swimsuit

So the first one was this Ribbed triangle for only $9

The second set I ordered was

Rib High Waist Bikini Swimsuit
Rib High Waist Bikini Swimsuit

The Shin Rib High Waist Bikini Swimsuit cost $14 and you can see it directly here > SheinHighwaistBikiniSwimsuit

The 3rd set I ordered was

The Shein Flounce Off The Shoulder Set for only $13 and You can see it directly Here > SheinFlounceoffShoulder

Shein Delivery Times

I was not surprised the delivery times were a bit slow as the sets are cheap. It took just under a week to get to me. Which I was expecting so wasn’t disappointed in my Shein Swimsuit Reviews.

My Shein Try Out Haul Overall

Nice Fit
A glimpse of side boob and cheeky Bum shot.

So the Ribbed triangle set that only cost $9 was a perfect fit for me and yes I had a temporary fake tan on to enhance the shot. The quality is good and I felt very sexy wearing it and will defo wear it on the beach.

Stylish Sleek Rib High Waist Bikini Swimsuit

With the rib-high waist swimsuit, I love to wear a white cover to make me more stylish. I will wear a hat with this too to complement the outfit.

Again, it was a great fit and I felt very Stylish wearing it, For me, this will be when I want to just sit and relax around the beach all day looking great.

Shein Flounce Off The Shoulder

As you might tell from the picture, Even though it fitted ok, I just wasn’t comfortable in the flounce off-the-shoulder set. To be honest, I never really buy these off-the-shoulder sets normally. I just wanted to see what it was like.

I am the type of girl who either likes to be stylish or sexy, not safe.

Overall, all the sets felt ok, they fit okay, and personally think the run was too small. The quality is ok but not amazing and I DONT KNOW if I’ll Be ordering from Shein Again. don’t think they’re up to cupshe standards for cheap swimwear.

Shein Swimwear Questions.

As I am doing a review on them, I know there are a lot of questions you would like to know so I have done all my research and given you them here.

Why is Shein Swimsuits So Cheap?

The brand is a big brand and they own a lot of other websites as well and have the power and money to bulk make.

They make a lot of money simply this way because they can sell for cheaper than most and a lot of people do shop for price. Which all goes back in for future products and the cycle begins again.

Is Shein swimwear good?

Yes and you can see more in my Shein Swimsuit Reviews.

Is shein swimwear legit?

Yep, they are and even though some people have had a bad experience, they are legit.

Does shein swimwear run small?

In my experience, Yes they do!

Shein swimsuit sizing

Shein swimsuit sizing
This is the basics for shein sizing, please note that some of their brands can be slightly different.

If you are looking for global Shein swimsuit sizing, then click here > Shein Global Size Guide

Shein Returns

shein return policy review is simple, if you do not like your product you can return it within 60 days (Which is fair enough) but obviously, it has to be returned in its full state without default.

Other words, not opened and not used. You can see the full shein return policy here > Shein Returns

Shein Vs Zaful Vs Cupshe Vs beachsissi

Who is the best? That’s a tricky one to answer. It all goes down to personal preference and you should read our Zaful Reviews, Cupshe Reviews, BeachSissi Reviews To get all the information you need before you decide.

Overall – Is Shein Swimsuits Worth it?

As with all different swimsuit brands, it all comes down to one thing. What YOU are looking for. For me, I would say NO but they are and for the following people:-

  • Absolutely Affordable for everyone. If you’re looking for cheap quality swimsuits.
  • ok quality, not the most expensive materials but hey ho, you pay for what you get.
  • You can literally buy bikinis and swimsuits for every day, That you are on holiday, showing off. Their that cheap.
  • You can buy 5-12 different swimsuits under $100.
  • Nice designs that you will feel sexy wearing.
  • Original designs that I have not found anywhere else.
  • For ladies Not fussed about designer labels.
  • New different styles all year long
  • ok Delivery Time

We DO NOT recommend Shein Bikinis, Swimwear for the following Ladies.

  • Ladies who like Perfect Fittings, we mean 100% perfect
  • Want long-lasting bathing suits bikinis etc. Shein’s will only last a few seasons
  • Want supreme personal service and aftercare, You won’t get that with shein.
  • Ladies that can afford to spend over $100 on one set.
  • People who want premium quality swimwear sets
  • Looking for Designer Labels
  • Extreme Fast Delivery
  • Swimsuits run small

If you’re looking for Real quality, perfect sets Then Head over to as they have all the Big name designers Luxury brands in Their superstore.

2nd pair of eyes, This video is from the youtube channel Emily Jean in which she tries on 22 Bikinis she bought from Shein. You can see how pleased she is with her shein swimsuit try on

Another set-off Shein try-on is from the youtube channel BiancaReneeToday who is a great beautician.

We hope we got everything covered in our Shein Swimsuit Reviews Article and if you have bought from them, liked them, or disliked them please feel free to comment below. We can all help each other. Regards The bathing Suit Team.

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