upbra swim review

Upbra Swim Review

Upbra Swim Review

Official Site:- UpBra.com

So we have all heard and tried on the fabulous Upbra that has become very popular for ladies that want to put more oppphhhhh In their own cleavage.

Now they have just launched a New Bra, bikini, especially for the beach that might or might not give you the desired look your after.

The UpBra Bikini comes as a two piece swimwear set to give you that amazing cleavage whether you choose to wear it with straps or without straps.

The Bikini Set only at this moment Comes in three Colors Maroon, Black or Teal. I chose the red one as I love red and red means Danger! Which I think attracts more. The swim Bikini is made from the same lift as The UpBra which has Active Lift Technology formed into it.

I chose this color for upbra swim review

Upbra Swim Review – Box and unboxing.

When the package arrived it comes in a nice shiny white box which is always cute and gives a first impression of what to expect. The bra and The bottoms are separated into 2 different stylish bags. The first thing I notice on the inside of the swim bra is this little device which in later that I found out Works like a Little Pump (not Literally) as the more you tug on it, the better My cleavage was.

The packaging I am going to Give a 7/10, Even though It is not what counts but First Impressions Count I think.

Upbra Bikini Top Teal

UpBra Swim Review – Wearing And Comfort

After I put the Upbra swim on, I really was very pleased with the way my breasts did look. I really did have a great cleavage and remember the little tugs I said earlier, well this just allow to hook up under the bottom to give more lift If I wanted to.  You cleavage really does stand out with this Upbra and I really think its the best Bikini I have ever tried on to Show off my cleavage.

The Major Downside to this is that I don’t think I could wear this bikini bra for more than 10 hours, It started to get a bit on my nerves after only 3 hours on the beach and I had to take it off. Maybe I was trying to show off my breasts too much but that’s my only complaint really!

upbra full cleavage bikini- black

UpBra Swim Review – Overall.

The Upbra Swim does exactly what it says on the tin. It really does Give You A Lift and the design of the style is an illusion which makes them look firmer and bigger than they really are. If you are after a bikini that really really does enhance your breast than look no further.

But The downside is that You will want to take it off after about 3 hours while at the beach as it can become a bit uncomfortable. That’s ok for when you want the sun to get on your back, just unstrap your self.

Overall I am Giving my UpBra Swim Review a Good Solid 8/10. Best Cleavage I Ever Had But Compromises with Getting Uncomfortable after A While.

UpBra Swim Scam – Just be warned, There are many copy rip off merchants out their especially on Amazon, If you are going to Get This Bra. Go To The Official Site Here:- UpbraSwim

Hope You Got What You Needed From My Upbra Swim Review, Any Question. Fire Below and I’ll try to answer as Soon As I can.


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