Victoria Secrets Swimwear Are Too Sexy & Pricey, Here are 8 Cheap Swimwear line alternatives.

Victoria Secrets Swimwear Are Too Sexy & Pricey, Here are 8 Cheap Swimwear line alternatives.

The Victoria secrets swimwear (we have not reviewed them just yet, but will do in the future when they give us free gifts) lines are bloody sexy and brilliant fashion although they can be too pricey and out of reach for the average young lady. Victoria secret actually killed off its swimwear line back in spring off 2016. They have relaunched recently their bathing suits and a little bit cheaper too but still, they can be too expensive for some.

So We have created a list for you girls for different alternative websites like cupshe bathing suits, shein, beachsissi, zaful and more. These brands are very sexy too and will be very trendy on these years season on the beach. And guess what, they are all very cheap too and you will be able to afford sets for every day of the week.

So here’s our list your be grateful for! – IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

1) are all the way from Hong Kong but do not let that put you off as they have a lot of trendy bikinis, one-pieces, tankinis, cover-ups, 2 pieces, deep v and lots and lots more. They do so much for beachwear that you won’t believe the very affordable prices, just be wary of a little 10 day delivery time. The set below is around $10.

2. does not need any introduction as you have probably seen them all over and they have been growing stronger each year. One of the biggest cheapest brands you will find and are strictly a swimwear brand only. We guarantee you will find a what your looking for here and without the price tag off victoria’s secret. (read our Reviews here)


One of the new kids on the block, is a New Jersey-based company that does not specialize in swimwear but don’t let that fool you as they have a lot of lines in that department that are just as good as victoria’s secret. They have over 800 lines of swimwear and the highest price tag you will find is $29 and they even give students a big whooping discount if you are to spend more then $50. (You can read our Review here)


Another brand name that is just dedicated to bathing suits and nothing else. has hundreds of lines for swimwear that you probably won’t see anywhere else. The most expensive item on this site is $33 which is nothing compared to Victoria’s secret. You won’t have trouble finding what you want here. (read our Review)


This very young website of is very unheard off unless you are a Pinterest lover. This young company is starting to get bigger every year and has something different for the young lady. Designed for great fashion at affordable prices. No wonder companies like Victoria secret stopped for a few years promoting there million dollar swimwear sets. This company also does a great Mix’N’Match as they know young ladies like to do this. (see our iyasson review)


You must’ve heard of, they are all over the internet advertising for cheap fashion, They do sell everything and anything but that does not mean they don’t have great affordable bathing suits or bikinis because they do have a great selection. From the last time, the robots counted it was something over 600 products just in their swimwear lines at a price your love. (dresslily reviews, read now)


With the name like (read our florakini review here), you would be thinking it’s all about the flowers. You can be right and you can be wrong. They practically specialise in affordable swimwear alone that’s like Victoria’s Secret bathing suits. If you like good and cheap sexy swimwear for young ladies then check them out. Lots and lots of original designs that won’t break the bank.


A real unknown nugget in today’s fashion is also just a few years old and growing. They are a young design firm that specialising in swimwear and looking bloody good on the beach with there designs. They are a little bit more expensive than most on this list here but still a lot cheaper than victoria’s secret. We know that the most expensive ones are around $37 including shipping but some of the fashion for us women is amazing.

We hope you liked our list of alternatives for victoria’s secret, we will try to review them soon as we can. If you have found some great fashionable cheap shops that have good quality. Let us know in the comments below. We would love to try them.

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