What bathing suit is best for a small chest?

What bathing suit is best for a small chest?

What bathing suit is best for a small chest?

So What bathing suit is best for a small chest? The real truth for us women is that no matter what size we are we are (mostly) self-conscious when it comes to what we look like especially on the beach. The main focus is to be very confident in yourself especially if you are in the small boob compartment. Flaunt what you have and fake what you have not.

What bathing suit is best for a small chest?

There are 2 main bathing suit Categories that will suit you if you do have fried eggs.


AD – Bikini BoobsMake Boobs look Bigger In A Bikini


The Self Conscious Lady that Wants More Boobs.

If you’re in this category and want to give yourself more melon for your bucks, fake it to you make it and give yourself a day at the beach Boob Job Then We really can recommend bathing suits and bikinis that have the following:-


Ruffles like this “Raisins –MERMAID FLOUNCE RUFFLED BANDEAU BIKINI TOP – TROPICAL PASSION PRINT” have an extra dimension, hearty colors & graphics that make the viewer distracted and a great way of NOT showing your small side.

Click here for More Style Of RUFFLES.

Push Up Padding

ELLEN Push-Up Halter Top push-up padding bathing suits are a great way of getting a fantastic cleavage even if you are squashing fried eggs together. A set like this Push up Padded Swimsuit Bikini Set is just great for those who already use padded bras and they can make you look very fuller in the chest compartment and you will feel at ease and confident when on the beach.

Click Here For More Padded Bikinis Styles.


The underwired like this MARLOW UNDERWIRE TOP – COTTON CANDY PINK 2 piece set will give you a fantastic boob job for the day and underwired sets are great in disguising what you have Not got underneath as they make you more top heavy without displaying a cleavage.

Click Here For More Styles Of Underwired

What bathing suit is best for a small chest?  Well, that’s the first category out the way and if you’re in that one. Those are the 3 best styles for you. So on with the next one

The Confident Girl, Don’t Care, I look good anyway, so Screw you.

So if you’re one of these girls that really don’t care about having small boobs and you just like to get on the beach and have fun while looking stunningly sexy then we do really recommend the following.

Tiny Triangles

Tiny triangles are very sexy like this Honda Women Fashionable Bikini Bra Top. These types of swimwear really put out a proud statement that you have a great body no matter how small your boobs are, like it or bugger off.  More Styles Found Here

Cut Outs  Cutouts like this Mikoh Bangkok Bikini Top Polynesia really emphasis the rest off your body instead of focusing on your small lemons. This makes it a distraction and shows off your entire body making you feel great and confident.

More Cut Out styles found here


One Shoulder

One Shoulder of off the shoulder like this Iyasson Off-shoulder Falbala Lace Up One-piece Swimsuit are yet again distracting and shows off the rest of your body. They make you look a little unbalanced through the viewer’s eye which is a great distraction from your chest area as your shoulders really stick out. You will look great while strolling the beach full of confidence with one of these sets.

More off the shoulder Styles Found Here

Final Thoughts on What bathing suit is best for a small chest?

So there your answer to What bathing suit is best for a small chest, but remember ladies being Yourself is the key be you and feel great and don’t be self-conscious.

Be Happy!

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    I am desperately trying to find this swimsuit as featured July 7 2017 (tiny triangle as featured as cover of blog “what bathing suit is best for small chest”). ANY help would be appreciated.

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    How can you end with “love yourself , be confident and happy” after a whole article that redicules small boobs- calling them fried eggs and suggesting push up bras to “fake what you don’t have”

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