What bathing suit is best for a small chest?

New, 4 Bikini Styles That Are Best For A Small Chest?

What Bathing Suit Styles That Are Best For A Small Chest?

So What bathing suit is best for a small chest? The real truth for us women is that no matter what size we are we are (mostly) self-conscious when it comes to what we look like especially on the beach. The main focus is to be very confident in yourself especially if you are in the small boob compartment. Flaunt what you have and fake what you have not.

The most important factors that we know is that it is all about That Balance between Top and bottom, Every girl I know wants that Hour Glass figure but we are not all built that way so we have to find certain styles that make us look more like an hourglass figure.

Saying that there are also 2 real types of girls that either worry about their cleavage or just plain confident in their own body. Either way hear is the best styles for you lucky girls.

What bathing suit is best for a small chest?

Bathing Suit Styles To Indulge in.

Some of us ladies really are very self-conscious with our own body and I blame today’s perfect society for that (but that’s another story). These ladies will feel very unconfident walking on the beach and usually wrap up or throw a shirt on covering our cleavage. You properly stare around to see if anyone is staring at you or looking at other women bathing suit sets in awe.

So for you, if you are in this ‘insecure about your cleavage category’ then We do recommend the following Bathing Suit Styles That Are Best For A Small Chest

Banded Bikinis

The Banded bikinis come mostly in 2 styles, The band directly attach to the top of the band around the top of the belly.

These work great for a small chest for 2 main reasons. It creates balance, rather than being small bikini tops it takes up more space which is great for balance and the 2nd reason is the Band is wrapped around the smallest part of your body In which emphasis it, making you look more like an hourglass figure.

Ruffled Bandeaus

Ruffles like this have an extra dimension, hearty colours & graphics that make the viewer distracted and a great way of hiding your cleavage, These are designed to add more volume to your top half which will make your waist seem smaller in proportion with the rest of your body.

The illusion of these is that It really does make your chest look bigger and your waist a lot smaller, so your getting to that hourglass figure and will feel very confident wearing them. A big thumbs up here.

Push Up Bikini Top

Push up bikini tops will create that full illusion that you have boobs going on and works wonders. The padding involved will push up so you will get some extra curves even if you are an A-cup. You have to get ones that are not over padded as it will look fake.

Make sure they fit you totally so when you bend over it will not open up at the top that people can see straight down. Get a perfect fit or smaller size if you are worried.

For that extra illusion, pair with some high waisted bottoms to give you more of that balance and hourglass look.

Front Tie Bikini

Another way to add dimension and volume to your cheat line is by using a front tie bikini like the above picture, the bigger the tie the better. Most girls opt for a bow like a big tie at the front. They distract the viewer and covers more space making your waist look thinner and chest bigger.

I would also add high waisted bottoms to get that full effect.

Bathing Suits To Avoid

You know the score, you see a great bathing suit on a flat-chested model and you order it thinking it will look bloody good on you and when you get it and try it on, really makes you look a lot less flat than you really are then your confidence goes and you get angry and throw it in the bin to go back to square 1.

So instead of you getting your knickers  in a twist, We will save you time and money by recommending to you the Bathing Suit Styles TO AVOID For A Small Chest

Avoid Tri-Angle Tops

Tri-Angle styled tops are very UNFLATTERING for us flat-chested girls, These make us look like a bean pole with no curves what so ever.  Unless you are very confident and very proud of your body then we recommend staying well away from them.

The above picture looks good on her as she putting her arms up and has a piece of jewellery around her belly but don’t let that fool you. Avoid.

Nice for big breasted girls but not for us.

Avoid Straight Cut Bandeau

Straight Cut Bandeau can come with either straps or strapless, either way, will still recommend you to avoid these as if you are really flat-chested like other girls, these are going to leave you looking like you have nobody shape whatsoever and no balance in style.

If you really really want a bandeau then please go for a really Ruffled Bandeau which adds volume.

Avoid Bikini Sports Tops

Unless you are into sports or fitness, avoid sport top styles for the beach. These tops will make you look straight-laced without any curves what so ever! Even striped or pretty colours and patterns won’t save the day. The aim is to be confident & curvier – not sporty.

Final Thoughts on What bathing suit is best for a small chest?

So there your answer to What bathing suit is best for a small chest, but remember ladies being Yourself is the key to be you and feel great and don’t be self-conscious. Go for more sets that will make you look curvier by tricking the viewer.

Top Tips What To Shine In A Bathing Suit For Small Boobs

  • Anything That Adds Volume To Your cleavage Tops, Like Ruffles Or A Tie
  • Highlight The Top Of Your Stomach To Make Waist Look Smaller – Like A Band
  • Think About Trying to Make yourself Look More Hour Glass Shape
  • Padded means more volume
  • Add a High Waisted Bikini Bottom For That Curvier Look
  • Nice Patterns Will Distract The Viewers Eye
  • Be Confident as:-
  • Believe It Or Not, You Do Look Sexy With Small Boobs. It is all about Confidence

Where To Buy Your Sets For A Small Chest From?

Now you know what you’re looking for to get that great look on the beach, we recommend the following trusted shops to buy from.

Bikini.com, Highest quality, brand names (Bikini.com Review)

CupShe.com, Good quality (Cupshe Reviews)

BeachSissy.com, Good Quality (Beachsissi Review)

Zaful.com, Cheap & Cheerful (Zaful Reviews)

DressLily.com, Cheap & Cheerful (DressLily Reviews)

Shein.com, Cheap & Cheerful (Shein Review)

If you have any more suggestions on ones you like or to avoid please comment below and let us know!

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