The Total Best Bathing Suit For My Body Type.

What is The Best Bathing Suit For My Body Type?

Many ladies want bathing suits that appear flattering and they can feel comfortable in. There are lots of these types of bathing suit to watch out for this year yet, there is no single style that is best for everyone as ladies come in different shapes and sizes.

Before going through the different bathing suits to watch out for this year, we need to first take a look at the criteria and factors to consider when selecting a bathing suit that fits you. The material, style, and right fit make the difference.

The age, size, and shape of women are the deciding factor of the style and type of bathing suit she will choose. For instance, the bathing suit that will be required by short and busty ladies will differ from the ones required by tall and slim ladies.

Generally, the type of bathing suit to be selected must be able to conceal or enhance body shape.

On the other hand, bath-suits designers often use a trick when designing bathing wears. This trick is the use of patterns which are strategically placed where it will fool the eyes and make the lady less figured.

While short and busty ladies would opt for suits with vertical stripes in order to make their body concealed, tall and slim ladies would opt for suits with horizontal stripes in order to give the illusion of more girth.

What Type of Bathing Suit is best for my body?


To select a particular suit for yourself, there is a need for you to first understand your shape. Ladies generally come in different shape, ranging from the pear shape to the apple shape, rectangular shape, an hour-glass shape.

Best Bathing Suit For My Body Type

  • Pear-shaped ladies possess larger hips than the other parts of the body.
  • Apple-shaped ladies have a bigger upper body and possibly waist that the hips
  • Rectangular -shaped ladies possess a shape that is uniform all through the upper body, waist, and hips.
  • Hourglass-shaped ladies have similar-sized torso and hips, and a quite smaller waist.
  • Athletic – Usually tall and thin with small chest line

Hence, it is essential to understand your body shape before opting for a bathing suit for my body type.


Another factor that the designers of bathing suits lake into consideration is the age range. Teens and young ladies are more likely to opt for a bikini or two-piece swimsuit.

This is a factor in what kind of bathing suit for my body type – Older ladies, on the other hand, may prefer to opt for an updated version of bathing suit designs or classic designs. The features, such as a tie closure can be observed in the suits of older ladies while the clasp closure can be observed in the younger ladies styles.

Also, ladies with a relatively smaller bust may have more alternatives that those with larger burst due to the available closure style.

A lady with a larger bust would prefer more support via a proper clip to facilitate a secure and comfortable top. At the same time, ladies will smaller chest structure may prefer suits with additional padding or artificially moulded cups to support their small chest.

Conclusively, while ladies are considering the selection of what swimsuit is best for my body type, they should consider their age, colour choice, patterns and styles, shape, and structure. The bathing suit style that is appealing to a comparable younger lady might not be the best fit for an older one. This is more of the reasons why the ladies bathing suit comes in all shapes, designs, and sizes.

There are lots of bathing suits in the market with different styles and shapes. Selecting the perfect style for yourself depends on some of the factors we have highlighted above. This Year,  there are varieties of options to choose from but we have brought to you a few of the hot bathing wares on market.


For a bathing suit for my body, This is the most popular and widely used bathing suit for ladies. The bikini is made of two different continents; the bra-style top and the bottom piece. This bathing suit is produced in varieties of size, styles, accessories, and colour. Due to its popularity, it is a suit you should consider as your bath wear.



This type of bikini has gained lots of familiarities early 2018 and it is also another brand of bath suit you should consider, The one offshoot bikini is a single-piece swimsuit and identified by its bikini-like straps and hip overlays. It is produced in various styles, including the full-body swimsuit and the standard bikini.

The standard bikini is as well characterized by its aesthetic see-through materials that bridged the two sections (top and bottom piece). There is also another style which allows ladies to show off their back while their mid-section remains covered.

Bandeau Bikini

Bandeau Bikini

Provided that you are not a fan of bikini and/or monokini, Bandeau bikini is another bathing suit you can opt for this season. It is characterized by its wrap-around top style. The straps of the Bandeau bikini may not necessarily be present or not immediately visible, or it can be a wrap-around neck with ties at the front. This type of suit is very common among beach swimmers.



At times, ladies may prefer not to reveal most of their skin or body parts. In this case, a Tankini bath suit might just be the perfect option for you. This type of bath wear is characterized by a tank-top piece with or without straps. It usually keeps your front and back view covered.

No matter the type of bath suits you are opting for this year it is essential to select those that fit your size and shape and other qualities as explained above.

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I hope you got some great inspirational ideas from this Best Bathing Suit For My Body Type article and hope to see you all down the beach if you have any suggestions. Please let us know and comment below.

We hope, we have helped YOU in deciding what Best Bathing Suit For My Body Type,  Hope you get the one that you want and most of all, that you look bloody great on the beach.

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