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You, Will, Hate The 6 Swimsuits Guys Like & 3 They Don’t

What swimsuits do guys like is a big question especially when we girls know of all the stresses in the bathing suit season. We want to find that suit that is fashionable, cute and sexy as but also not giving too much away.

As for what men and guys like, well that’s really the viewer’s eye to answer that as the traditional man will want you covered up as much as you can as he thinks that kind of thing is for the bedroom only.

on saying that the majority of men would rather see skimpy Bikinis and nakedness but we girls don’t want to play our top cards straight away, We need to be tempting so their heads can run wild with Imagination.

Swimsuits To Impress Guys With

The Standard 2 Piece Bikini

 6 Swimsuits Guys Like & 3 They Don't

What men see in this is the definition of you wearing a bra and knickers, Men are so used to it and that’s why we know it’s the number 1 in what men like. Go for a nice colorful bikini or striped one (don’t go for one color as they are too boring) that has enough material to cover all the parts it needs to cover but still has a little bit still showing for temptation and curiosity. 92% of men love this style and 8% don’t

You will and really can’t go wrong with this style, Especially with nice patterns around the breast area which with the viewer’s eyes make them look bigger.

Guys Like The Bandeau Bikini

Men like this styled bandeau bikini that can have straps or be strapless, this style has been involved from a long time ago when during sports events, women would have their boobs and vag wrapped up in white garments yet the rest of the skin showing. 90% of men love this bikini style while 10% don’t

Do Guys Like One-Piece Swimsuits?

The one-piece swimwear seems to be a bit on the decline when you visit the beach. Maybe because ladies think they’re unfashionable. the question is still do guys like one-piece swimsuits? Actually, 70% of men do like them on women and 30% don’t like them. The reason is that you men do get a glimpse of the sideboob and the inner thighs and as long as your not wearing them for sports you be fine.

Guys Like Tankinis

The tankinis came onto the beach in the early 1990s and gained popularity. In a style of a 2 piece that looks like a one-piece gave guys a mixed reaction but today’s tankinis have a lot more sex appeal as their shorter and showing more cleavage in them. 55% of men do like them while 45% do not.

The One-Shoulder

The One-Shoulder can come as a one-piece or a two-piece. 30% of guys do not like this style as it’s an unbalanced style but 70% of guys like this style as they see it as some sort of vampire opening of the one side of the neck. What guys don’t secretly want to be a vampire, I’m sure they all do. Necks are very seductive after all.

Bonus, Do Guys Like High Waisted Swimsuits?

Do Guys Like High Waisted Swimsuits? yes, they do. The studied shows that the top part makes your waist smaller allowing the illusion that you have more of an hourglass figure. 80% of men love this style for the bottom and 20% are not so keen

Swimsuits Guys Like On A Girl To AVOID

SlingShot Bikini

Never ever buy a slingshot bikini to impress a mate for the beach (you can use it for something else) You might as well be naked as there really isn’t anything left for the imagination to take control of. It just shouts out “Attention Seeking Sl*t”  and that your either very easy which is a put-off or a nasty b&*ch.  About 15% of men like this style and 85% do not. Avoid this and anything like it.

The Retro Swimsuit

Vintage Bathing Suit Styles

While we all know that the Vintage style of bathing suits are brilliant, stylish and in recent years really have come back strong on the beach in the summer. Men for some reason are not so keen. Only 20% of men like these styles while 80% like to see more cleavage and rear. (You men, Just don’t understand fashion!)

The MonoKini

Also along with the fashion sense of the retro look, Men who have no fashion sense really are not liking the monokini. Come on guys, why not? With a side cut out and less coverage of that of a one-piece. Only 25% of men like these whilst 75% do not. Men feel there’s too much going on and you know men are simple 🙂

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You now know what type of bathing suits do guys like and what they do not really like. If you have a certain style –  comment below, let us know

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