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what swimsuits do guys like

what swimsuits do guys like is a big question especially when us girls know of all the stresses in the bathing suit season. We want to find that suit that is fashionable, cute and sexy as but also not giving to much away.

As for what men and guys like, well that’s really the viewer’s eye to answer that as the traditional man will want you covered up as much as you can as he thinks that kind of thing is for the bedroom only. on saying that the Majority of men would rather see skimpy Bikinis and nakedness but us girls don’t want to play our top cards straight away, We need to be tempting so their heads can run wild with Imagination.

what swimsuits do guys like
If you want to impress, Hide Most of your breast!

Unless you a very confident girl, and love flaunting your body. We say NO to very Skimpy Slingshot Bikinis

Yes, they look fantastic if you have a great body and love showing off but we really want sexy bikinis that leave a lot to the imagination.

So what do We want and what swimsuits do guys like, They want to see your body without exposing too much.

1. A Simple Bikini

A nice colorful bikini (don’t go for one color as they are too boring) that has enough material to cover all the parts it needs to cover but still has a little bit still showing for temptation and curiosity. A nice 2 piece bikini is really really sexy as… You will and really can’t go wrong with this style, Especially with nice patterns around the breast area which with the viewer’s eyes make them look bigger.

2 piece bikini

Nulibenna Women’s Retro Polka Dot Pushup 2 Piece Bikini Set Matches the Requirements to make you look great and have him glaring all day.

Nulibenna Womens Halter Striped Bikini 2 Piece Set Side Tie Low Waist Swimsuit


Striped Bikini 2 Piece That has great colors and adds a bit of push up to the breast area will make him sweat.

So that’s one style of bikinis you should really look into for what swimsuits do guys like as they do really like these.

this way


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2. Simply Bandeau Top Style

Guys love this tops as they have ruffles and pretty cute patterns that make you look cute and super hot. The added bonus is that there are no straps on the shoulders so you won’t get one of those silly looking tan lines. (but be very careful with your activities as your small/big chest might fall out if you don’t get the right size).

Some great samples.

Bandeau Top

Bandeau Top with A Playful Bow this little set is just great with fantastic colors and a little bow to play with, Sets like this will get him very hot and sweaty as you will look fantastically sexy.

Wrap Bandeau Bikini Top

How about this gorgeous style that will impress the boys at the beach. Tangerine Screenplay That’s a Wrap Bandeau Bikini Top will have the boys drooling and want to get your phone number. Its Cute, colorful and it just screams sexy.

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So we think these 2 styles are a great choice, lets recap

  1. Nothing Too Revealing

  2. Keep It Simple

  3. Nice Colors, Not 1 Color

  4. Get Right Size

  5. Feel Confident Wearing it

  6. Enjoy The Sun.

  7. Enjoy The Boys looking at you

If you have a style that you think is a great choice for what swimsuits do guys like, comment below, let us know

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