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My Zaful Reviews – Disclaimer, I have reviewed the zaful swimwear line only, they do have a lot to offer in fashion but I have only reviewed the bathing suits. Saying that I am sure that what they have also on offer would be the same.

This is from 2018 but still have a lot off swimsuits still on For this season.

Zaful Try-On Haul

Zaful Try-On From Youtube channel Karina Schnurr, She gets to try on lots of bikinis and has the pretty much the same view as ours of Zaful.

Our Review.

Instead of just 1 try on from zaful, I was interested to see what the fit was like for other girls, So I ordered 1 for me 2 other sets for my friends just to see if they liked it as well as our bodies are a little bit different.

First of all the website is a little overwhelming with way too much going on. They do need to tone that down a bit but that’s just me being picky. (Best Bathing Suit For My Body Type)

The first Item that I ordered for Friend Number 1

Was the ZAFUL Animal Print Tie String Bikini Set – Light Pink S

For friend Number 2, we ordered

And I ordered The ZAFUL Animal Print Knotted High Waisted Tankini Swimsuit at $15.99

So I ordered these 3 things to my place for me and the girls to try on (they didn’t try them here as they felt a bit weird)

Now I did not know if they knew I was going to review these as the 3 things I did ordered arrived in 8 days. I thought that’s a little fishy but hey ho I didn’t moan or groan. But I bet if I reordered it would take longer.

Friend 1 showing off

Friend Number 1 Wearing ZAFUL Animal Print Tie String Bikini Set – Light Pink $13.99

Body Shape: Athletic Overall Fit: True to Size Height: 5′ 8″ Bust: 32C

She stated “This is very cute, could have had bit better buckles, padding and trim. But Fitted very well and very true to size. Super cute Comfortable and of fantastic material Fits well Love this bikini. Love wearing this one and impressed.”

Friend Number 2 Wearing High Cut Plunge Neck Swimsuit – Black

High Cut Plunge Neck Swimsuit - Black
She loved showing her cleavage off with this v-neck

Body Shape: Hourglass Overall Fit: True to Size Height: 5′ 5″ Bust: 34C

She Stated this “Very Comfortable and well made material which fitted well. BUT When I was slouching over – the shoulders would come loose and It made me feel uncomfortable. Using my sewing machine I Just adjusted it a bit tighter and that done the trick. Now I am able to show off my Cleavage and get the boys staring”

ZAFUL Animal Print Knotted High Waisted Tankini Swimsuit
Push Them Breasts Outs!

My Body Shape as of writing: Hourglass Overall Fit: True to Size Height: 5′ 11 Bust: 34AA

I state this and I am not being biased (I do love Animal prints as long as their not real) “I really do LOVE, LOVE, it a lot and It beats my expectations, The fit was good, just a touch on the big side, but rather that them smaller. Material is good and fit is almost perfect. The best thing is it really surrounded my boobs and made them look bigger which is a good thing. I will easily be wearing this for a few seasons until they fade”

Zaful Reviews Questions and Answers

So for all the questions that I thought you might like to ask about zaful reviews that I would have, I have compromised the best answers for them all.

Are Zaful and Shein the same brand?

To be really honest, I do not know the answer to this yet. I know there are a lot of Chinese companies that make lots of websites with the same clothing but I am not sure. I would say no but I might be wrong. When I have the time I will find out more.

Are zaful bikinis good Quality?

They are good but not the best, please read my full review and you can decide for yourself.

Are zaful returns free?

Not straight away, They will reimburse you the money you spent on all your products and they will reimburse you the delivery charges that you have spent. Takes about 30 days for them to reimburse you but yes zaful returns are free.

Are zaful swimsuits true to size?

In my review you will see that they are almost true to size, Not perfect but still a great fit.

Are zaful clothes from China?

They started from China but I do believe they have a few more bases now around the globe.

Can zaful bathing suits be returned?

Yes, of course, they can be returned, as long as you send them back as the way you got them. No washing or wearing them for long periods. Head over to and click on returns.

Can zaful be trusted?

We have had no problems with zaful, we ordered they took the payment and we got the delivery. So yes they can but I do know a few people who had problems with their order but which company doesn’t screw up sometimes.

zaful, can you return bikinis?

Yes, You can return all your products, Just go to and click returns on the bottom of the page.

Zaful can’t find my address, Why?

A few people have had trouble with this and they have updated their system so you should not have trouble from now on.

Is Zaful Endorsed By Emma Mcdonald?

Yes zaful has got The lovely Emma Mcdonald on board with their merchandise and you can see here on the main page, If you scroll down a bit or you can hop over and check out her Instagram > Emma Mcdonald

Can’t track zaful order

They have updated their system so you should really have no problems now to track your order, If your still having problems, please write below in the comments and we will look deep for you.

How does zaful works?

Just like any other website, You pick what you want, order, pay and get your merchandise. Simple!

Zaful, how long does shipping take?

It takes around 3-5 days to process and then on top off that it takes 3-10 days to ship, so you are looking at 15 days maximum or 6 days minimum. So if you are going to order. Make sure you are prepared for 2 weeks just in case.

Zaful, how long to ship to Canada?

Please read above and it also depends on the Canadian authorities to let it go straight through or examine it for a few days. You will either have to pay duty or not. So the worst-case scenario is 20 days from start to finish. zaful how to track order

Zaful, how to cancel order?

Simple, Head over to and go to the contact page, Ask for your order to be cancelled. As long as it’s not been despatched your free for it to be cancelled.

What’s zaful like?

Good, Not great but good. If you like cheap good swimwear you’re not going to be disappointed.

What’s zaful’s email?

To contact zaful, heres their email >

When does zaful restock?

Roughly Every 10 days depending on the line of swimwear.

When does zaful have sales?

They are cheap as chips anyhow, why would you want to wait for the sales but they do have them. Head over to > and click on the sales page for end of the line stock.

When does zaful have free shipping?

When you spend over US $79 then you get standard free shipping. Or Us $129 for express free shipping.

When does zaful sale end?

There always having sales so they dont really end.

Which is better zaful or shein?

That’s a tough one to answer as they both use the same marketing and business strategy. They are just as good as each other and you can read our shein reviews here to decide for yourself.

Which courier does zaful use?

It really depends on where your ordering from.

Which is cheaper zaful or shein?

They both roughly the same price, some things are cheaper at zaful and some things are cheaper on Shein.

Which countries does zaful deliver to?

Practically every country in the world, as long as you have couriers in your country. Your good to go.

Will zaful hack me?

No, the won’t hack you, Just like any other company won’t unless they get hacked themselves.

Zaful promo code and coupon codes

Here are the best Zaful coupon Codes & Promo codes right now.

Zaful Coupon "ZFIRST" Upto $45 Off
Zaful Coupon “ZFIRST” Upto $45 Off
"Fun18" zaful promo code
“Fun18” zaful promo code
"ZVVIP" coupon Code
“ZVVIP” Zaful coupon Code

Zaful shipping time and cost To United States

Shipping MethodCostShipping time
Standard ShippingOrders between $0.00-$28.99,$14.00 postage fee
Orders between $29.00-$58.99,$8.00 postage fee
Orders between $59.00-$78.99,$4.00 postage fee
Orders over $79.00,free postage
7-14 business days
Express ShippingOrders between $0.00-$28.99,$45.00 postage fee
Orders between $29.00-$58.99,$35.00 postage fee
Orders between $59.00-$78.99,$25.00 postage fee
Orders between $79.00-$128.99,$20.00 postage fee
Orders over $129.00,free postage
3-7 business days
Zaful United States Shipping.

To view other shipping times and cost for your country, Head over to, scroll to the bottom and click on the Shipping Link and simply enter your country.

Zaful womens swimwear size guide.

US Size246810
UK Size68101214
EU Size3436384042
Shoulder Width3714.573814.963915.354015.754116.14
Zaful Womens Size Guide.

Zaful – The Best Reasons To Shop With

  • Swimwear Is Cheap.
  • Almost true to size fitting (my experience).
  • Most bikinis are double-lined padded.
  • If you’re not in a hurry to receive your order.
  • Really nice styles of swimwear
  • Lots to choose from
  • Surprisingly good quality
  • You can buy lots of sets for under $100
  • If you are on a budget
  • Designed for 18-30 (40 I think)
  • For All Body Shape
  • Good Shipping (not fast)
shop zaful now
Shop Zaful Now.

Zaful – The Best Reasons To NOT Shop With

  • Want to have the very perfect Fitting, there very good but not the best.
  • Have the real money to spend on the very best quality.
  • Some bits of fabric are loose but I did just cut them off.
  • The Tags are not sown in very good. If you fussy then that might be a put off for you.
  • If you need really fast delivery, don’t think zaful can do that.
  • You can afford over $100 on one set.
  • You prefer Big Brand Names.
  • You are a perfectionist, everything must fit and look perfect.
  • If you are still Sceptical.
  • The website can be very overwhelming.
  • Patterns will fade over a few seasons.

Another Set Of Eyes Of Zaful Try on Haul

This try ou haul is from Modern Millie Youtube channel

Zaful Reviews Overall

We girls think zaful is good for inexpensive swimwear range. We knew that they were not going to be the best in quality but we were all surprised that they were actually very good. The delivery was quite fast but I think that was down to luck.

The sets, even though they were not 100% perfect on us, they were a very close good to fit.

Do we recommend them, Yes we do? Only if you want good quality, if you want the very best in brand names then check out or read our review here.

If you still unsure about zaful, then read our other cheap swimwear brand reviews

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Also, we would LOVE to hear from all of you girls that have purchased from so comment below on either positives or negative experiences. We would really like to know.

Hope you got every answer from our zaful reviews, we would like to know if you did. Comment below.

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